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Ring Die Pellet Mill

The process of pelleting consists of forcing a soft material through holes in a metal die plate to form compacted pellets which are then cut to a pre-determined size. The machinery which has been developed for this purpose is now very diverse in design and there is much controversy between different equipment manufacturers as to which type is the most effective. Most pellet mills now have one or more conditioning units mounted above them where liquids such as water can be added to improve pelletability. The water is sometimes added in the form of steam, resulting in firmer pellets. Ring Die Pellet Mill

Usually the die plate itself rotates, and on its outer-side stationary knives cut the pellets to a pre-set length. From there, they are transferred to a cooler/drier to remove the heat which is generated during the pelleting process or is often added during steam conditioning. The moisture content of the pellets also needs to be reduced for proper storage.


Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside dimension
SZLH35 500kg/h 62kw 1820kg 223*91*200cm
SZLH40 800kg/h 82kw 2500kg 289*95*210cm
SZLH42 1000kg/h 97kw 2500kg 304*101*223cm
SZLH508 2000kg/h 139kw 3000kg 322*115*253cm


Flat Die Pellet Mill


With the fast development of wood pellets industry, flat die pellet press becomes very popular in the world. It has the advantage of low price, low consumption, high capacity; etc.It is a good choice for small farm family. And it is one kind of energy source machines which can process wood sawdust, wood lump, etc agro-waste resource.

This machine can process pellets whose dimeter is between 4mm-8mm. In Flat Die Pellet Milladdition, the length can be adjustable base on clients demand. Our flat die pellet press can process wood sawdust, straw, different kinds of stalks powder, grass powder, etc. Whether it should add little binder into the material or not which depends on the raw material. But during our severaltimes test, if add little binder into the material, the appearance of final Pellets will become bright. In addition, the best moisture content for pelletizing is between 13%-15%.We have several diferent capacity of Flat Die Pellet Press which is from 100-300 Kg Per hour.
Concerning the diameter of die, we can produce it from 3mm to 10mm.
In addition, we have received the CE Certificate from SGS China Branch.

Model Capacity Power Net Weight Outside dimension
ZLSP-200 80-120kg/h 7.5kw 250kg 100*43*95cm
ZLSP-260 150-200kg/h 15kw 330kg 120*50*107cm
ZLSP-300 200-250kg/h 22kw 410kg 127*52*107cm
ZLSP-400 300-350kg/h 30kw 550kg 147*60*115cm



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