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China is a large agricultural country in the annual production of more than 500 million ton of grain food. At the same time, more than 700 million ton of straw resources come into being, including 230 million ton of rice straw, 120 million ton of wheat straw, 220 million ton of corn stalks, 100 million ton of peanut, beans, sorghum, buckwheat and other autumn grain crop straw, 100 million ton of various types of vines. This is a great treasure of feed and fertilizer resources which has not been fully used and developed by human.

At present, biomass pelleting can be used for livestock feed and fertilizer account for only 15-20%. 80% of biomass resources were burned as fuel or even a considerable number of straw destroyed in the field. If the straw can be scientifically used through processing, brewage or biological for feeding poultry animals and marine lives such as pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, fish etc. Except that, biomass straw can produce organic fertilizer and play a straw animal husbandry at the same time, which achieve a "green cause" wiht multiple purposes as the following:

1. To use straw for keeping poultry and livestock is an important way to solve the food problem between humans and animals and pigs and cattle.
2. The straw after keeping poultry and livestock become dung used for field, provided a large number of organic fertilizer will help improve the soil, agriculture and protection of the ecological environment.
3. Increase the production rate of meat, eggs when keeping poultry and livestock, which will help to improve the meat food structure of people and benefit for health.
4. Increase agricultural income of farmers, especially in animal husbandry, and also promote secondary and tertiary industries such as slaughter and leather processing industries, marketing etc.

Therefore, the use of biotechnology techniques to develop the straw resources will have broad prospects.

In response to these circumstances, we developed a new type of feed pellet mill can be widely used for straw, leaves, grass etc. Raw and processed materials are very rich. The biomass pelleting are in good quality, welcomed by animals. The wide application of biomass feeding pellets has opened up broad prospects for feed industry. Our company takes up with manufacturing feed milling machinery, including straw crusher, feed pellet mill etc. for farmer home use or industrial.


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