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Supplier of Screw Oil Press and Oil milling plants

We are manufacturer of Oil Press,Oil milling plants,Oil presses,Oil Processing Plant for Complete Oil milling Plants from China,India.

Plate Filter Press

Model YLX65 Plate Filter Press is to filter crude oil or clean oil in vegetale oil milling plants. The plate filter press can be used in fitlerring of bleaching white clay in refinery.

Choose Oil Press

Now the oil press can be used for general processing of soybean, peanut, sesame, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, olives and other particles and also can be used for rice bran, corn germ powder, such as oil and safflower oil, and other few wild plants of oil-bearing materials.

Oil Press,Pellet Mill,Briquette Press-Biomass Renewable Energy

Complete vegetable oil milling plants for edible oil or biodiesel processing. We undertake pre-treatment, pressing, solvent extraction, oil refining and the auxiliary projects. Except oil plants, small oil presses is our best selling product with advanced screw oil press technolgoy.

Oil Milling Plant