Sesame Peeling Machine in China

Complete line for sesame peeling

The hulled sesame seed has extensive use in the food industry, which can be used to produce hulled sesame paste, upscale cakes, biscuit, hamburger (McDonald & KFC), aviation food, upscale candy, moon cake, roast, and which is the important condiments in Japan & Korea food to improve the color and aroma of dishes.

Technology flowchart for hulled sesame seed



Sesame Seeds Processing Plant


Main equipments


Sesame peeling machine Sesame product
Sesame peeling machine Sesame product

This model is Our newly developed sesame peeling machine, it is a special equipment for sesame peeling, its main use is to soak seeds, peeling and separation of the seeds from peel after peeling.
Technical data:
Model: JPFQ-120
Size: 1200×1430×2360MM
Material:stainless steel/carbon steel


High-efficient Fluidized Dryer FINE SIEVE

High-efficient Fluidized Dryer

Capacity: 3-5T/D
Power: 15kw
Temperature: <120oC
Board Dimension: 1000*1200*5720mm

Fine Sieve
Model: TQLM



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