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Automatic Oil Press

The automatic oil press is a kind of small screw press to extract oil from vegetable oil seeds. The raw material for automatic oil press could be all kinds of vegetable oil plants. Rapeseeds, peanut, soybean, sesame are the most common materials. Except that, this kind of small oil press can process coconut, plum kernel etc. For rare oil plants, it can be used as experimental equipments for screw expeller pressing.

Though the capacity of YZS series oil press are not very big, it can realize multiable functions in processing vegetable oil. From puting raw material into the feeder of oil press, the material will be transported automatically into press chamber. In press chamber, different oil materials can progress 1, 2, 3 or 4 stage pressing. From the smallest oil press YZS-68 with 1 stage pressing to YZS-130 with 4 stage pressing, we can do suitable choose for your needs.

Different models of oil press have different kinds of press worms in size and length. The stage means the most narrow point in press chamber of oil press. When mateirals passed this point, the squeezing oil can be extracted out at maximal limitation.

YZS-95A Oil Press
YZS-100A Oil Press
YZS-95A Oil Press

Before pressing, some parts of oil press such as press chamber, press screw and press ring need to be pre-heated. Because the extraction of oil need to process at a certain temperature, so you can start the oil press in empty working for some time, then feed material gradually.

The automatic oil press includes screw oil press, electrical rings for heating chamber, vacuum filter for cleaning oil. After pressing and filtering, we can get rough oil from materials. The multi-function of automatic oil press can save labor power and simplify the processing step. Only one machine, you can get better edible oil.

With PLC display of automatic oil press, the user can control feeding seeds, flowing oil, ridding off dregs, heating press chamber by puting down personalized operation button. More convenient for most of oil press users.

Our company have full specifications of various small oil expellers. With reasonable pricess, our oil expellers are suitable for consumer groups of different levels. Our main products include complete automated screw oil expellers, YZS- series oil expellers, special oil expellers for sesame or peanuts and accessories for oil extraction. We will service all the users with zealous attitude and best product. Our small oil expeller featured easy operation, high efficiency etc. The press invented by our company have human design, automatically open and stop. Easy to operate, safe working, even the unprofessionals can learn how to use it very easily. From feeding material to pressing clean oil, it is fast and efficient.



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