YZS-95 Vegetable oil presses

YZS-95 vegetable oil presses with professional screwing processing, capable of extruding rapeseed, soybean, canola,coconut,jatropha, cottonseed, sunflower, tung tree seed, etc, the seeds of the oil plants. This vegetable oil press characterizes by less investment, complete supporting facilities, easy to repair, wide suitability, high oil output rate, etc. This vegetable oil press can cut the oil cake into small pieces, which matches the needs of the expelling for times.

YZS-95 Oil Press


Performance Index YZS-95 (7.5kw)

Raw Material Capacity(kg/hr) Output Rate(%) Cake Residual(%)
Rape seeds Hot pressing 150-170 30-38 7.5-8
Cold pressing 75-95 28-35  
Peanut Hot pressing 150-185 35-45 7
Cold pressing 65-95 32-40  
Bean Hot pressing 135-160 10-16 6.5-7
Cold pressing 70-105 8-14  
Sesame Hot pressing 150-185 44-47 6.5-7.5
Cotton seeds Cold pressing 95-105 10-14 5.5-8.5