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Biomass Energy Pellet Fuel Processing Equipments

State implements a comprehensive biomass renewable energy plan, because national coal, rock oil consumption increasing day by day, but energy resources are extremely limited, according to the current level of development, can only supply 30-40 years. Therefore, state have the growing demand on biomass renewable energy.

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Biomass renewable energy is one of the earliest energy human used. With the development of science and technology, biomass renewable energy can be efficiently used by various biomass conversion technologies, which include direct combustion technology such as pellet stove, boiler and biomass briquetting

Oil Press,Pellet Mill,Biomass Briquette Press,Flour Mill

To use biomass renewable energy from waste sawdust and other biomass material, we developed technology of screw press in biomass briquetting. We developed kinds of biomass briquette presses for different size and shaped required by clients.

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YZS-68 Oil Press