Biomass Renewable Energy in China

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What is Biomass Energy Pellet Fuel Processing Equipments?

Complete set of equipments for Biomass Pelletizing Plant referred to make use of biomass renewable energy, mainly composed by biomass pulverizer, blenders, dryers, granulators etc. The key biomass technolgoy is to compress high-fiber materials with 20% fiber content into 6-9mm diameter pellets with density more than 1.05t/m3. The pellet fuel can replace coal, oil used for cooking ,heating or industrial steam boiler. It is a new biomass renewable energy. Biomass energy pellet fuel appliance refers to biomass pellet burning machine, pellet cooker and pellet heating stove. The successful development of pellet fuel appliance make a large number of green waste material such as straw, sawdust etc changed into biomass renewable energy.

Biomass fuel pelletizing technology has reached domestic leading level. The small set of wood pelletizing plants trends to fill a gap in international. Foreign clients have already started to order small wood pellet press, hammermill and relative equipments. There are production conditions of industrialization in biomass pelletizing plant under the big market for home use and industrial use.

Market Forecasts and Analysis of Economic Benefits

State implements a comprehensive biomass renewable energy plan, because national coal, rock oil consumption increasing day by day, but energy resources are extremely limited, according to the current level of development, can only supply 30-40 years. Therefore, state have the growing demand on biomass renewable energy. Environmental protection also requires a large number of biomass energy applied. So in future several decades, the demand of biomass energy pellet fuel will grow increasingly. The energy prices will be in the middle of petrochemical and electricity prices. The economic benefits of biomass renewable energy pellets fuel will be very good, because it is a clean energy and government will give economy subsidies to manufacturers to ensure sustainable development.

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