Development of Domestic Feed Milling Machinery


Development of Domestic Feed Milling Machinery

Recently, all staff of our company held a meeting on the further development of domestic feed milling machinery. There were several features for the development of feed milling equipments analysed on the meeting.
The following points are required to consider in the development of feed mill machinery: Feed Milling Machinery

1. Tending to Maximization
Machinery and equipments of feed pellet mill incline to be maximization in capacities and sizes. In market competition, a number of small-scale feed pellet mill will be eliminated. At present, the feed mill equipments in China are commonly not very high in productivity. The largest capacity of expanding machines in China is 3 ~ 5t/h, with gap at a certain grade compared with foreign feed milling equipments.


2. Automation of feed mill machinery trend to be a higher degree in complete set of feed pellet mill in the future.


3. The technology of feed milling equipment have been improved greatly recent years. As per feed mill China, there has been still gap compared to foreign enterprises in precision processing, packing level except workshop among most of feed pellet mills. The design and manufacture of feed milling equipments and scientific innovation must have a larger raise in a relatively short time.


4. Enterprises of feed milling machinery need to increase more investment and expand basic research in feed pellet mills, including automation technology. The feed mill China must step up devotion into scientific research, to carry out cutting-edge basic research, and produce advanced products to enhance the international competitiveness of the market in feed milling machinery.



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