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The animal feed mixers are for mixing different raw materials and additives before pelletizing process. Generally, there is vertical type and horizontal type cattle feed mixer.

Vertical feed mixer is composed by one or more vertical screw conveyors to elevate the raw materials up to mixer. Then the materials fall naturally to the bottom by gravity. The materials can be mixed and re-elevated by cattle feed mixer.

Horizontal feed mixers is composed by one or double paddles or metal ribbon blades mounted on a horizontal shaft with rotor in a semi-circular trough body. Most of our main animal feed mixers are horizontal type.

Double Paddle Batch Feed Mixer
Single Shaft Paddle Batch Feed Mixer


SLHSJ Series Twin-Shaft Paddle Feed Mixer
It is our state patent product.
--Paddle and Shaft can be changed easily.
--Rotor device can be used for long life.

> Free-gravity
Mixing in the agravic state, the feed mixer won't cause aliquation. Many kinds of liquids can be added in.
The twin-shaft cylinder of animal feed mixer equipped with two shafts which the paddles in opposite circumvolving direction. When paddles circumvolving, the material is threw up to air float stream, which created zero gravity (In agravic state, density diversity of materials won't affect homogeneous degree of mixing). Falling into the region of each other, the cattle feed mixer formed a fluidized zone gravity in the middle layer and rotating vortex, the bottom formed a flow layer, material shows complex movement.

> Stableness
Conveyed by three chains, running in low speed, more stable working.

> High Efficiency
Short mixing period(40-120 sec/batch), high homogeneous degree of mixing (CV≤5%, min 2%).

> Reasonable Design
Two open doors designed in the structure of feed mixer. It can discharge rapidly, no leakage, little residual.

> Multiway Liquid Adding System
Matched with compressed air jet, widely used in premixing of various compounds for animal such as cattle, aquatic feed, additive, chemical and medicine industries.