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There are two basic structures for pellet coolers, horizontal and vertical counter flow type. In the horizontal pellet cooler, pellets are conveyed on a perforated steel mesh by transmission belt through where cool air stream passed. The vertical type counter flow coolers are that pellets fall by gravity into a chamber through where air is sucked by a fan to upside.

Tipping Counterflow Pellet Cooler
Counterflow Pellet Cooler

SLNF Series Tipping Counter Flow Coolers

(1). Tipping Discharge
Sway type tipping discharger controlled by flexible hydraulic transmission system.
(2). Discharge Speed Control
The speed of discharging material can be adjusted to make material move equally and flowing
(3). Rotary Sprinkler
Unique rotary material sprinkling device to ensure material equably and fully cooled and to avoid broken of pellets at the same time. (4). Widely Application
The pellet cooler can be used in cooling of various materials, such as pellets, extruded feed, sheet feed, powder etc.

SKLN Series Counter Flow Coolers

(1). High Efficiency
The cooled pellets won't be higher than room temperature more than 3 to 5 centigrade. The moisture will be removed 3.5%. (2). Auto Discharge
The pellet cooler have the function of discharge automatically, which avoid feeds from cross contamination.
(3). Unique Discharge Frame
Adopt unique discharge frames by force. Flexibly slide of discharge frames make the running of pellet cooler stable and reliable.
(4). A series of counter flow coolers can match with secondary volute separator for combination use.
(5). Suitable for all kinds of pellets material.