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SFJH Series Grading Sieve

SFJH Series Grading Sieve is necessary equipment for wood pellet making machine or animal feed machinery. It is very useful in separating different size of particles to get fine sized wood pellets or animal feed pellets. The separated fragmentary particles can return back to starting of pelletizing line as raw material after crushed. It features with the following:

1. Gear box adopts non-gear type of driving. No need of lubricaiton which avoid of oil leaking problem.
2. The tail support is spring type, which can reduce noise at maximum caused the promotion of grading performance.
3. The inner streamline design avoids materials aggradation and cross-contamination.
4. Heavy frame of machine body and lengthened elastic board can make it more stable when working.
5. Pressure Sieve is easy to operate, which can change sieve quickly.
6. The single layer sieve, double layer sieves, three layer sieves can be chose by users.
7. The SFJH series sieve is applied in pellet making machine for crushed material grading and second circulation crushing process. It can be used in cleaning and grading other wood pellets or animal pellets etc.

Machinery sifting is the main screen technology applied in pelleting making mill or animal feed machinery at present. The key part for screening equipment is screen surface. In present market, punching and weaving screen are widely used as screen plate.
Screening in pellet processing technology focused on two aspects. One is cleaning to remove the impurities in raw materials, and the other is grading according to different sizes of pellets or particles. The grading refer in the process of cleaning impurites of raw material, grading in crushing process, power cleaning before pellet making, final wood pellets grading. Screening process whether good or bad have vital influence in the quality of pellets quality and capacity, so the SFJH Series Grading Sieve is an important wood pellet making machine for wood or animal feed plants.

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