60TPD maize flour mill plant project was successfully constructed in Zambia

Successfully 60TPD Maize Flour Mill Plant Project in Zambia

A few days ago, a good news came from Zambia, 60 TPD maize flour mill plant has been successfully completed, has now entered the commissioning phase. The maize flour mill machines for 60 TPD maize flour mill plant are all manufactured by AGICO. Technical personnel throughout all the process, to create a daily production capacity of 20-60 tons of high-quality maize flour mill plant project.
60TPD maize flour mill plant project

technical experts debugging maize flour milling machinemaize flour mill plant workshop

outside of maize flour production line workshop

The Advantages of Maize Flour Production Line System

60TPD maize flour mill machines can achieve the daily processing 20-60 tons of maize grain, corn flour production line mainly uses dry corn processing technology, skin germ clean rate reached 95%. This section of maize flour mill machine can produce refined maize flour (delicate taste, purity, precision up to 120 mesh), a variety of maize granules, maize germ, maize skin and other products. The maize flour production line has low energy consumption, installed power 59KW, high degree of automation, reliable operation and convenience. If you need 20-60TPD maize flour production line, this product is definitely your first choice.

The Grinding Principle of Maize Flour Mill Machine

output maize flour of maize flour mill-plant

The grinding principle of the maize flour mill is to peel the raw material by mechanical action. The endosperm is scraped off from the batch, and the endosperm is grinded into powder. This process is called maize flour grinding. The working principle of the roller maize flour mill is the use of a pair of opposing differential rotation of the equidistant cylindrical roller, relative to the grinding area of the material shear, backlog, rubbing and other comprehensive role, so that the material gradually broken. The main working structure of the roller maize flour mill is the roller, one of the higher speed roller is called the fast roller, the other slow speed called slow roller, fast, slow roller speed ratio called speed ratio. The working area where the two rolls touch the material at same time is called the grinding area.