Big Oil Press

Big Oil Press

Compared with small oil press, big oil press has the biggest advantage of high yield. Stand-alone capacity of large oil press ranges from 10-200 T/D. Compared with the small oil press used for household and small oil production line, large oil press always used for oil pressing line in large oil refinery. Large oil press usually use double-helix structure, compared to single-spiral structure has strong pressing capacity, and the oil rate is higher. Suitable for processing of oil in addition to the ordinary oil seeds and nuts, corn germ, sunflower, soybean seed, cottonseed, sesame seeds, coconut etc, can also deal with many special oilseed, such as hemp seed, perilla seed, amaranth seed, rubber seed, almond and prickly ash seed, etc. Large oil press machine is suitable for both hot pressing and cold pressing . The oil quality is more pure and the color is lighter.

Pre-press Oil Press Machine

This pre-press oil press machine is suitable for the pre-pressing and solvent extraction or twice pressing process.

pre-press oil expeller

  • Capacity: 140~160T/24H
  • Power: 50KW/15KW
  • Weight: 9380kg
  • Dimension: 3708×1920×3843mm

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Model Capacity(T/D) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG) Dimmension(MM)
ZY283-3 140-160 50KW/15KW 9380 3708*1920*3843

Cold Oil Press Machine

cold oil press machine
Model Capacity(T/D) Power(KW) Net Weight(KG) Dimmension(MM)
LYZX12 5-6 22+0.75+1.1 4000(4300) 3300(3580)×1000×2380
LYZX18 6-12 37.7 3500 3176*1850*2600
LYZX24 20-25 75+7.5 10500 4535×2560×3055
LYZX28 40-60 45+11+1.5KW 9600 3783×3038×3050
LYZX32 60000-80000kg/24h 90+75+1.5 12650 4832×2917×3236

The Large Oil Press Common Failures And Troubleshooting Methods

When the oil material moisture is low, will produce the following phenomenas:

  • Noise inside the machine appear, the whole oil machine with vibration.
  • The oil cake can't molding, appear present fragmental and dark brown, with focal spot.
  • Current motor load is higher than 30 amperes.
  • The oil cake export has smoke emitted, the amount of oil is reduce and oil color appear dark brown.

If above situation happened, the need to deal with immediately, otherwise it will cause significant mechanical damage. At this moment, you must reduce the steam pressure immediately, the steam cylinder increase direct steam injection volume, small inlet, reduce to the press cage feeding, increase the thickness in cake, let press load gradually declines, and tries to adjust, to return to normal working condition.

When the oil material moisture is high, will produce the following phenomenas:

  • Oil material is difficult to enter the press, even a little oil material can not enter, or sticky on the shaft.
  • The cake is soft, a lot of water vapor, a lot of residual oil on the cake, the cake to rotate with the shaft.
  • The motor load is decreased and the working current is below 20 amperes.
  • Oil quantity is little, color white, foaming, oil position to move to the feed end.

If above situation happened, you should gradually increase the indirect steam pressure, spray volume reduced direct steam, add some cake in the feeding mouth, until the press return to their normal state.

How To Maintain The Large Oil Press

  • Every 50 hours after work should check the lubrication, the gear box above the oil cup shall not be short of oil, the source through the screw adjustment screw bearings should be drawn from the adjustment screw hole filling butter once.
  • The lubricating parts should prevent dust and other impurities from entering, the need to check the quality of the gearbox oil once a year, such as deterioration, should replace all the engine oil.
  • After each work, you should clear the machine inside the cake, wipe the surface of the machine dust dirt.
  • After the end of the production season before long-term storage, the large oil press should be a maintenance, and all the parts and re coated with oil, put in dry place.