Hammer Mill

hammer mill grinder
Hammer mill mainly broken materials by impact collision, the materials enter the hammer mill and is crushed by the impact of a high-speed rotary hammer. The hammer mill has the advantages of simple structure, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, etc. Now on the market mainstream small hammer mill mainly include diesel engine, electrical engine and gasoline engine style.

The Working Way Of Hammer Mill Grinder

working way of hammer mill

Hammer mill grinder to break the main mode of operation is the role of high-speed rotation of the hammer hit group. The hammer mill machine is suitable for fragmentation of brittle materials. For example, straw, corn stalk, peanut shell, weed and tree branches and other materials can be broken to about 2-5mm. And hammer mill grinder can ensure that the product size keep uniformity, not mixed into the size of the product large size particles, more used in biomass medium grinding and fine grinding in the process of biomass processing. Compared with other types of hammer mill machine, AGICO hammer mill has the advantages of simple and compact structure, large production capacity, large crushing ratio and less power consumption. In addition, the rotor balance in hammer mill machine in the use of the process also need to pay attention to. If the rotor is not balanced, harmful vibrations will occur at high speeds. If the hammer does not conform to strike balance requirements, will also produce harmful reaction, additional energy consumption and reduce the service life of bearing.

Why We Need Use A Hammer Mill Grinder During Pellet Making Process?

internal structure of hammer mill machine

Hammer mill grinder can be used with pellet machine or briquetting machine. As a professional manufacturer of pellet machine, AGICO also suggested you use the hammer mill to pretreatment materials before start pellet making, that is because:

  • Through the crusher to crush the material, can effectively improve the material granulation molding.
  • It can improve the digestion and absorption of animal nutrition and reduce the adverse effects on the digestive system of animals through the use of granular mechanism.
  • Use the hammer mill made of biomass particles after crushing, will burn more fully, improve the utilization rate of fuel.

Hammer Mill Product Features

  1. Hammer mill machine equipped with air flow control valve, no downtime can control the product fineness, no dust pollution.
  2. Hammer mill with cooling function, crushing temperature is low, the product size uniformity.
  3. Hammer mill equipment reasonable compact structure, small volume, low consumption, high efficiency and low noise.
  4. Cold sealing is reliable, since the function is good, simple installation, easy disassembly and easy fix, switching loss a convenient.
  5. Hammer head after the special craft processing, more practical than ordinary hammer head.

How to choose a suitable hammer mill for me? What is the price of the hammer mill grinder? You can choose different models hammer mill according your pellet production. AGICO hammer mill with low price, high output, low consumption, low noise, low failure, machine fatigue resistance is strong, can continuous production, economic and durable, is one of the most popular hammer mill brand all over the world. If you'd like to know the detailed pellet machine equipment price and configuration, please leave a message to us, our sales manager will contact you in time to answer your questions.