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What Inspection Procedures Are Needed Before Beginning To Operate The Flour Mill Machines?

AGICO in the years of flour mill machines manufacturing process, summed up some of the items which need to be checked before starting the flour mill machines. As a professional flour mill machine manufacturer, AGICO remind users, before starting flour mill machines, you must pay attention to check whether the machine is normal, so that in the process of use can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.
before turn on flour mill machine attention three points

Before you turn on the flour mill machine, you should do the following three points:

  • If the flour mill machine does not have a power supply lead with a plug, it should be connected to a full-pole disconnect device with at least three points of contact installed by the user in a fixed position. The rated current of the disconnecting device shall be greater than or equal to 35A.
  • Flour mill machines can not be washed directly. Before cleaning or repair the flour mill machines, be sure to unplug the power plug. When the machine is in operation, don’t put your hands in the feed bucket. When you need to change gears, you must shut down the machine and then change gears. Take the top off every month and add grease once.
  • For three-phase power flour mill machine models, to test machine to check whether the steering is consistent with the steering indicator, such as steering does not match, the three-phase power exchange can be two phase line. Attention: do not install stirring device when testing machine, so as not to fall off or damage parts due to reverse steering. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the gauge pin.
three phase power flour mill machine models

Buy flour mill machine from professional manufacture AGICO. AGICO remind you to check the flour mill machine before baking machine is normal, it is necessary for the majority of users, friends must pay attention to. Thank you.