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Benefits Of Using A Feed Pellet Mill

Benefits Of Using A Feed Pellet Mill

feed pellet mill

The feed pellet mill is a kind of feed equipment, the choice of a high quality feed pellet machine can not only solve the cultivation of users to save feed costs, but also to protect animal nutrition balance. Particles of the market at present sell feed pellet mill is too much, classification also many, such as flat die feed pellet machine, the roller feed pellet machine. According to the use can be divided into: small household pellet mill, poultry feed pellet mill, small poultry feed pellet machine, fish pellet mill, rabbit pellet machine, pig pellet mill, straw feed pellet machine, sheep feed pellet mill. According to the production can be divided into: straw pellet mill, wheat bran pellet machine, soybean meal pellet mill, corn straw pellet feed machine, wood pellet mill.

What’s The Benefit Of Using A Feed Pellet Mill?

feed pellet mill
  • Can avoid animal picky eaters. Formulated feed formula has a variety of raw materials, nutrition, comprehensive, to prevent the animals from the powder in the selection of their favorite, refused to eat other ingredients. The feed loss can be reduced by 8%~10% in the process of storage, transportation and feeding.
  • High feed rate. In the granulation process, due to the combined effects of moisture, temperature and pressure, to feed some physical and chemical reaction, the starch gelatinization, enhance the enzyme activity, make animal feeding more effectively digest feed into weight increased. Compared with the powder, the feed conversion rate (i.e., the rate of return) can be improved by feeding poultry and pigs with pellet feed 10%-12%. Using granular feed fattening pig, the average daily gain of 4%, feed meat ratio decreased 6%; Feeding Broilers, feed meat ratio decreased 3%-10%.
  • Storage and transportation economy. After granulation, usually make the feed increase in bulk density 40%-100%, can reduce the storage capacity, save transportation costs.
  • Good liquidity, easy to manage. Many of the powder, especially the proportion of small velvet feed, add molasses or high fat and urea feed often stuck in the library. Because of the good fluidity of pellet feed, the phenomenon of adhesion is seldom produced, and the most popular for the large-scale feeding of dairy cattle or poultry farms using automatic feeders.
  • Avoid automatic classification of feed ingredients, reduce environmental pollution.
  • Kill Salmonella in animal feed. The use of steam high temperature quenching and tempering granulation method can kill the existence of animal feed salmonella.