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FAQs For Biomass Pellet Mill

As famous biomass pellet mill manufacturer, we always get a lot of questions from our clients every day. Some are questions about the operation of the pellet press from users who have already purchased it, and some are questions from users who want to buy the biomass pellet mill. We summarized some questions that customers often ask about the pellet mill

What Kinds of Material Can Be Processed Into Pellets?

Our biomass pellet machine can processed raw materials as switchgrass, waste paper, sawdust, dry grass, wood chips, leaves, etc.

Buy Biomass Pellet Machine, Why Choose Us?

  1. Each step of pelletizing is under the hard work of our professional department: Mold Processing---Production Assembly---Vacuum Quenching---Ring Die Forging
  2. We can offer any equipment in a ring die pellet production line or the whole production line as you need.
  3. Complete storage of spare parts can meet your purchasing demand for main components at any time.
  4. Incoming tests service for customers is available, and we will customize the ring die pellet mill scheme that accord with your producing condition specially.

What Pellet Size Can Be Produced?

2 mm-12 mm are the most popular,but the machines can be customized to produce other sizes.

How many systems does a complete pellet plant include?

A complete wood pellet plant includes the Raw Material Receiving/ Sieving/ Pulverizing System, Drying system, Pelleting/Cooling/Sieving System, weighing and packing System, Assistant System, Electric Control System. And possibly others as per your requests, such as material size, moisture content, bagging requirement, we can provide custom-built proposals.

What Are The Differences Between Ring Die And Flat Die?

We all know the working principles of ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill, but there are still some differences between them.

  1. Feeding way: ring die pellet mill adopts machine forced feeding, materials enter the granulating chamber with high speed rotary and distribute through scraper to ensure feed evenly; while the flat die depends on the materials weight, it directly enters into the suppress room, it can feed evenly.
  2. Pressure: in the same diameter mould, the pinch roller of ring die is limited by the mould diameter, so the pressure is restricted; however, the flat die can add the inside the bearing space, choose a big bearing to increase the bearing capability, which not only improve the press power of pinch roller, but also prolongs the life.
  3. Discharging way: ring die belongs to high rotary speed, the materials percentage of damage is high, while the percentage of damage of flat die is low.

How big is a pellet press?

Pellets presses / pellet mills range from 7.5 kw to 30 kw.

What is the cost of a pellet press?

Different capacities have different prices.

As Pellet Making Machine Supplier,what models are offered ?

The main models of pellet making machine are: Flat Die Pellet Making Machine,Ring Die Pellet Making Machine,Rotating Roller Pellet Making Machine,Small Mobile Pellet Making Machine,complete wood pellet line,etc.

How big is a pellet press?

Pellets presses / pellet mills range from 7.5 kw to 30 kw.