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The Status and Prospect of Development in China's Biomass Energy

As a kind of cleanly, renewable energy, biomass energy has developed rapidly in China. It plays an important role in Chinese energy structure. The consumption of it falls behind coal, petroleum and natural gas only. Some experts estimated that biomass energy will account for more than forty percent of the world's total consumption by the middle of this century. Having the largest population in the world, China has to deal with the relationship between economy and environment. Consequently, it is significant to change production patterns and develop a new energy system.
biomass energy pellets

The Features of Biomass Energy

There are so many advantages of biomass energy. At first, biomass energy is a renewable resource, the carbon emission equals to the carbon absorbed by plant photosynthesis. The biomass energy is reproducible and just has the same characteristic with wind and solar energy, which guaranteed the sustainable use of energy.

Secondly, biomass energy is environmentally friendly, because it contains little sulfur and nitrogen. There will be less SO2 or NO2 on the process of burning biomass energy. In addition to the carbon emission equals to the carbon absorbed by plant photosynthesis, the emission of carbon is negligible. So, it contributes to reduce the greenhouse effect. Biomass energy based on the nature, sawdust, peanut shell, straw, rice straw can be through the biomass pellet machine or biomass briquette machine into combustion of biomass pellet fuel.
biomass energy briquettes

Thirdly, biomass energy resource distributes widely. Though China is a country with rich resources, there are still many regions lacks coal. In these regions, biomass energy is the best choice. Biomass pellets materials widely, only need a annual particles machine can complete the production of biomass granule.

Fourthly, the amount of biomass energy is great. It is estimated that the consumption of biomass energy only falls behind coal, petroleum and natural gas, the earth land produces 100-125 billion tons of biomass and the oceans produces 50billion. The biomass pellets are based on nature, which is beneficial to recycling of biological energy in the biosphere.

Lastly, biomass energy has a wide range of utility. In all fields of national economy like the production of biogas, compression molding of solid fuel, gasification production of fuel gas, biological power generation, burning alcohol production and thermal cracking of biodiesel production, biomass energy is widely used.