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Why Do You Need A Gravity Grading Stoner For Wheat Cleaning And Oil Seed Cleaning?

gravity grading stoner for wheat cleaning and oil seed cleaning

Gravity grading stoner (dry stoner) is a kind of grain and oil machinery that used in wheat cleaning and oil seed cleaning process, by using the principle of gravity remove the stones and other impurities in the grain and oil seed. In recent years, with the development of wheat milling technology, wheat cleaning technology is improving, the old-style type suction stoner has been gradually replaced by gravity grading stoner. The gravity stoner with its sophisticated stone removal performance, plays an increasingly important role in the wheat flour milling production line and oil mill plant.

What Structure Principle of Gravity Stoner Can Effectively Remove the Stones in the Grain and Oil Seed?

The structure principle of gravity grading stoner shown as below. Main working mechanism of the dry stoner is two layer devices on the same screen body parallel to the surface, the screen body movements similar to suction style stoner.

1. Inlet 2. suction port 3. adjusting damper 4. grading sieve plate 5. stone outlet 6. adjustable support bar 7. stone sieve plate 8. Support wood 9. Rubber bearings 10. Light grain export 11. heavy grain export, 12. suction port, 13. vibration motor
structure principle of gravity grading stoner

How does Gravity Grading Stoner Work in the Wheat Cleaning and Oil Seed Cleaning Process?

For the upper screen surface sizing screen surface, is composed of pre classification and shunt, preliminary classification using aperture in 1 mm stainless steel wire mesh, shunt period with 6 mm x 20 mm, 8 mm ø composite punching sieve surface. Wheat or oil seeds into the dry stoner into the first grading period, rising in vibration and flow, under the combination of material according to the light and heavy grain grading after up and down into the shunt period. Shunt period of mesh is bigger, the shoulder stone and heavy grain of wheat fall into the second screen surface, the upper retainer of light grain of wheat for vibration and air flow into the light along the screen surface grain exports. In order to make heavy grain wheat fall into the second layer of sieve as soon as possible, shunt period of the first half of the screen using a larger mesh.

The second sieve surface of the gravity grading stoner is the stone sieving screen, and the hole 1mm steel wire mesh is adopted to undertake the falling heavy particles, and the stone is finished by the action of vibration and airflow. Wheat along the screen surface into the heavy grain exports. Discharge of light particles generally accounts for 5 ~ 30% of material into the machine, which may include barley impurities and buckwheat seeds with little suspended velocity. Light wheat mostly not full grain, rough surface, a dirty, light particles of selected rate is low, this part of the raw material of average quality is poor. Heavy grain accounts for 70-95% of flow into the dry stoner, which shoulder stone has been removed by classifier to stone surface. The size of the diversion ratio and sizing screen surface mesh configuration and flow into the machine, when using large hierarchical mesh or into the machine flow is small, light split ratio will fall.