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How To Choose Suitable Maize Flour Milling Machine?

How to choose suitable maize flour milling machine has been a difficult problem for maize growers. The maize flour milling machine prices should not be the only factor to consider. If you want to buy a high-quality maize flour milling machine, the factors of maize flour output, floor area, human cost, maize flour milling machine manufacturers should be considered.

The Development Prospect of Maize Flour Milling Machine

The maize flour milling machine is produced with people's demand for diversity of food. It meets people's need for maize food processing. In Asia, maize is the main food product and the main cereal in the region, so it has to be said that maize processing equipment has promoted new developments in food technology.
Maize flour milling

According to the 2016-2017 global maize market analysis data, global maize production reached 1.075 billion tons, an increase of 10.6% year-on-year. At the same time, the trade volume of maize increased, which reached 141 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 2.2%. According to the US Department of Agriculture, global maize stocks reached 227 million tons, up 6.1% year-on-year. The growing maize production has spawned a surge in demand for maize flour milling machine, and the adjustment of the industrial structure has provided good opportunities for the industrial development of maize miscellaneous grain industry.

In this case, how should we choose suitable maize flour milling machine?

Main Factors of Choose Suitable Maize Flour Milling Machine

  • First of all, we should define our own needs of maize flour making. The demand of daily processing of maize flour tonnage, the acceptance range of power consumption of maize flour mill, and the area occupied by equipment and other factors need to be considered first. With own basic needs, you can choose the right maize flour milling machine according to the needs.
  • For example, if you need to buy a maize flour milling machine with an output of 500KG per hour, then both the 6FY-50 and 6FX-50 can meet your milling needs. However, from the perspective of the floor space, the 6FY-50 is smaller. The 6FY-50 maize flour milling machine price is relatively low because it is a manual feed mill, which can be used for household use alone or in small and medium-sized maize flour mills. If you are pursuing lower labor costs, you can choose the 6FX-50 maize flour milling machine. It uses the aerodynamic principle to realize automatic feeding and automatic circulating grinding, which greatly reduces the input of labor cost. Because of the higher degree of automation, the 6FX-50 maize flour milling machine price is relatively high. Customers can choose their own maize flour milling machine according to their own situation.

6FY maize flour milling machine

6FY-50 maize flour milling machine
Model Capacity (kg/h) Power Weight(KG) Dimension(mm)
6FY-35 350 7.5KW(380v,50hz) 560 1300*750*1430
6FY-40 400 11KW(380v,50hz) 600 1300*750*1430
6FY-50 500 11/15KW 810 1450*800*1500
6FY-60 600 18.5/22KW 930 1450*850*1600

6FX maize flour milling machine

6FX-50 maize flour milling machine
Model Capacity(kg/h) Power Weight(kg) Packing(mm)
6FX-35 300-400 7.5+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 950 2000*2200*2200
6FX-40 350-450 11+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 1050 2050*2200*2200
6FX-50 500 11/15+2.2KW(380v,50hz) 1200 2010*2200*2200

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  • Maize flour milling machine prices. Generally, people who choose to buy maize processing machinery should first consider the maize flour milling machine prices problem. Every buyer wants to buy high-quality corn processing machinery at a low price. However, in the face of the current market situation of corn processing machinery, this idea is obviously unrealistic, because high-quality products contain the cost of technology and materials. However, it does not mean that the higher the price, the better the quality of maize processing machinery. The purchase of maize processing machinery should not only look at the price level, but also consider the equipment that suits you.
  • Choose a regular maize flour milling machine manufacturer to buy maize milling equipment. Unregular machinery manufacturers, after selling the products to customers, the products have nothing to do with themselves, almost no after-sales. The regular maize flour milling machine manufacturers not only have the quality of the products, but also can conduct operational training and repair the products. The maize flour milling equipment produced by AGICO Machinery has systematic pre-sales and after-sales service, which customers can purchase with confidence.