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Pretreatment Process before Rapeseed Oil Pressing

pretreatment process before rapeseed oil pressing

Rapeseed oil pretreatment process is a very important part before rapeseed oil pressing. Rapeseed oil pressing has certain standard requirements for oilseed, such as water content, cleanliness requirements, shell removal, high temperature treatment, etc. Therefore, rapeseed oil pretreatment process is particularly important.

What Is Cold Pressed Oil and Hot Pressed Oil?

According to the different rapeseed oil pressing process, rapeseed oil pressing is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing. Cold pressed oil is in rapeseed oil press without pre heating or in low temperature condition, in less than 60℃ environment, be sent into oil press. Squeeze the oil temperature is low,, the acid value is low, generally do not need to be refined, after sedimentation and filtration getting petroleum oil products. Hot pressed oil first step is oil cleaning, and then screening, crushing after high temperature heating treatment, so that a series of changes within the oil, such as damage to oil cells, to promote protein denaturation, reduce fat viscosity, etc., to squeeze oil and improve the oil rate.
rapeseed oil pressing process

How to Pre-treatment Rapeseed before Rapeseed Oil Pressing

In short, rapeseed through the oilseed pretreatment, if water is suitable, the oil yield will be high, the yield is high, and the quality of the oil is good. No matter what kind of oil treatment methods are as follows:

1.Make sure the oilseed is dry

The rapeseed should be dried and raised before it is pressed, so that the moisture content is not greater than 12%, and the impurity is not more than 0.5%. It is important to note that many users ignore the essential pretreatment process for oil selection.

2.Oilseed cleaning

The rapeseed in the oil processing plant contains a certain amount of impurities (sediment, gravel, iron filings, etc.), and if not carefully selected, it will speed up the wear of the internal parts of the oil press, reduce the oil production rate, and even cause failures and accidents. The rapeseed oil pretreatment equipments needed during this process has vibrating sieve, gravity grading stoner, magnetic drum magnetic separator. Without choice or selection of bad oil, dust will plug the oil sand, will accelerate the wear and tear of parts, not only affect the normal work of press, but also greatly shorten the screw and pressing bar and cake mouth service life. Such as oil mixed with stones, metals and other hard objects, will immediately damage the screw.

3.Oil seed shelling

For shelled oilseeds, should be peeled and then pressed, so as to improve the production capacity and oil yield. Matching rapeseed oil pretreatment equipments include: peeling machine, separating sieve, separator etc..

4.Oil seed crushing

Oil seed crushing is one of important step in the rapeseed oil pretreatment process. Some of the oil can monolith pressing, but after crushing, flaking after pressing, can significantly improve the oil yield. And its supporting equipment are: crusher, roll machine and so on.

5.Oil seed cooking

Rapeseed cooking is one of the important steps to increase oil yield. Oil seed cooking make rapeseed oil pressing more easier and get oil more fully. The equipment includes steaming pan and frying seed pot. Commonly used method is to first wet the oil, and then dried by the wok, so that the oil to meet the requirements of the process into the water and temperature.