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Vegetable Oil Production Line And Vegetable Oil Refining

Vegetable oil refers to all kinds of edible oil refined by degumming, decolorizing, deodorizing (degreasing) and other processing procedures. At present, the main vegetable oil on the market are soybean oil, rapeseed oil, rice bran oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil and peanut oil, etc.

Vegetable Oil Making Process

Vegetable Oil Making Process
Raw materials→Pretreatment→Pressing→Leaching→Refining→Dewaxing

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Vegetable Oil Pretreatment Process

When purchasing raw materials, it is necessary to check the quality of raw materials, reduce mildew, so as to reduce the content of aflatoxin and other harmful substances in oil, which is convenient for subsequent processing and is conducive to the improvement of oil quality. Because the oil plants contain impurities and water content is different, so the oil needs to be pretreated when it is pressed and leached, so as to ensure the oil yield of raw materials, reduce equipment loss and improve oil quality. Vegetable oil pretreatment can effectively remove impurities from raw materials, destroy the structure of oil, optimize the oil outlet, adjust the temperature and moisture of the press, improve the flavor of oil, etc. The high oil-bearing oil with small tonnage can be squeezed directly.

Vegetable Oil Pressing Process

According to different oil materials, different pressing processes can be selected. The cold-pressing process with accurate temperature and water adjustment can preserve the special substances in oil. Compared with the cold-pressing process with improved temperature, the hot pressing can greatly improve the flavor and oil yield of oil. The high oil content can be preextracted and leached by the high tonnage, which can further reduce the residual oil in the cake and increase the economic benefit of the enterprise.

vegetable oil refining process

Vegetable Oil Refining

Vegetable oil refining is a key step in the production of vegetable oil. Oil with less wax, such as soybean oil and rapeseed oil, can be obtained in accordance with national standards through this process. The process flow is as follows:
Crude oil→Degumming→Alkali smelting→Hydration→Decolorization→Gas evolution→Deodorization→Cooling→Vegetable oil

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