Small Oil Press

Small Oil Press

Small oil press is a small volume, convenient carrying, vacuum filtration, automatic temperature controlled oil making machine. Small oil press commonly used screw structure. By the company technical personnel to study carefully, the final design oil making machine can be used in the peanut, soybean, rapeseed, sesame, rapeseed and other raw materials of multifunctional screw oil press and small automatic oil press equipment. This kind of screw oil presses squeeze out the oil products of good quality, taste fragrant, the oil rate is high, can be widely used in the majority of urban and rural small oil mill plant.

Small screw oil press production process is simple, can be carried out on-site processing at any time. oil seeds get into the machine to become oil, can ensure that the oil is pure and good. Consumers can rest assured that consumption, so as to stimulate consumer desire to buy, for the oil mill to bring huge economic income.

Small Screw Oil Press

The working principle of screw oil press

Through the rotation of the rotating shaft in the squeeze the role of the propeller, so that the material continuously forward. At the same time, due to the continuous advancement of the rotating shaft, the space volume of the pressing chamber is reduced, and the pressing effect of the oil is produced. After compression, the grease is squeezed out from the gap of the pressing cage, and the pressing material is pressed into a cake shape from the end of the pressing chamber.

YZS Series Small Screw Oil Press

small scale oil press machine
Model Capacity Power(Kw) Net Weight(kg) Outside Dimension(mm)
YZS-68 50kgh 5.5 140 920*490*780
YZS-80 100kgh 5.5 330 1320*540*1020
YZS-95 150-200kgh 7.5-11 620 1620*630*1260
YZS-100 200kgh 7.5 80 41640*640*1200
YZS-120 250kgh 11 650 1820*630*1300
YZS-130 200-300kgh 11 520 1870*640*1200
YZS-160 400-500kgh 18.5 820 1930*680*1480

YZS Series Small Automatic Oil Press

small automatic oil press
Model Capacity(T/24H) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
YZS-30 Automatic Oil Press 15(kg/h) 1.5 156 900*900*1100
YZS-70 Automatic Oil Press 30(kg/h) 4 256 1000*1000*1250
YZS-80A Automatic Oil Press 2-3 5.5+0.75 780 1860*670*1680
YZS-95A Automatic Oil Press 5 7.5+1.5 900 2250*890*1820
YZS-100A Automatic Oil Press 5 7.5+1.5 900 2270*750*1820
YZS-120A Automatic Oil Press 6 15+1.1 1000 2280*890*1775
YZS-130A Automatic Oil Press 10 18.5+1.5 1000 2350*810*2000