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How to Build a Poultry House

Chicken farming is a systematic project, involving many links such as brooding, de-temperature management, middle chicken management, adult chicken management, and hen laying period management, and each link has many technical details. If a detail is not done well, it may bring huge economic losses.

The simple chicken coop or unscientific poultry house construction has many problems and troubles, increasing the difficulty of breeding management, and will plant a "time bomb" for your chicken breeding business, bringing huge hidden dangers. Today, we will talk to you about how to build a poultry house in a poultry business.
How to Build a Poultry House

Matters Needing Attention in The Poultry House Construction

  • First of all, before start a poultry house construction, the site selection and overall planning of the farm need to be done well. Different terrain (plain, mountainous or hilly) sites have different planning and construction points.
  • Secondly, for newbies and those who plan to enter the industry, building a poultry house is the most taboo to imitate the poultry house planning scheme of the surrounding old farmers. One poultry house plan will not be suitable for all new poultry houses.
  • Finally, the poultry house construction must strictly control the quality. According to the breeds and types of chickens, the chicken house can be divided into layer chicken house, broiler chicken house, chick house, etc., and different types of chicken house equipment need to be configured.
inside of poultry house
inside of poultry house

Therefore, the length, width, height, orientation, window opening, etc. of the chicken house need to be planned and designed scientifically and rationally according to local conditions. It is recommended that new farmers choose a professional poultry house manufacturer for site planning and poultry house construction.

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poultry cage layout disign

There are many problems and troubles in the process of raising chickens because there is no scientific and reasonable poultry house. Therefore, if you plan to raise chickens and start a business, you must build a scientific and reasonable poultry house.

poultry house construction disign

AGICO is an enterprise specializing in the design and production of poultry farming equipment. We provide customers with professional poultry house solutions. Our poultry house plan includes full-process services such as poultry house layout design, poultry cage configuration, poultry house construction, and poultry house operation. We can help you to build a more professional chicken house and help your chicken-raising business to make profits faster.