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Milling Wheat Flour

Milling Wheat Flour

Wheat is generally composed of three parts:

  • Endosperm:Wheat grain in the central part that are rich in starch, still contain proteins and vitamins。
  • Bran:Wheat grain hard skin, containing vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber.
  • Germ:Future form part of wheat plant, containing vitamins, fat, protein and iron.

milling wheat flour
Grinding the wheat into flour, simply put, is to remove the small wheat skin, put inside the starchy endosperm ground into wheat powder, and bran is used for other purposes, such as a breakfast cereal or animal feed. However, since people pay more and more attention to nutrition value of bran and germ, they will be more and more used in the food.

  • First step cleaning
  • Removal of impurities, such as gravel, sand or metal, mixed with wheat grain.
  • Second step conditioning
  • Soften wheat grain with water to make the next step easier.
  • Third step breaking
  • Crush wheat grain with roller.
  • Fourth step sieving
  • The rolled wheat will be divided into three parts: bran, germ and endosperm through a series of screening. Then, the endosperm part needs further rolling and screening, so as to make the fine flour.
milling wheat flour

The Relationship Between Flour Yield And Flour Type

Flour type Flour yield Grinding method
White flour 75%

Remove all bran and germ, leaving only endosperm

Brown flour 85% Only part of the bran and germ are removed
Wholemeal 100%

The whole wheat grain is ground into flour, without any removal