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What is BV 380 Chicken Cage?

BV 380 chicken cage is a chicken cage specially used for breeding BV 380 chickens. To understand the BV 380 cage, we must first know what a BV 380 chicken is.

What is BV 380 Chicken?

bv 380 chicken

BV 380 chicken is produced in India and is a high-quality breed of chicken that has been continuously selected and bred by a professional poultry breeding company in India. The feathers of BV 380 chickens are brown, and the eggshells of laying hens are brown. The BV 380 chicken has been widely praised since its introduction in 1981. It can be used for both egg production and chicken production.

Thanks to high-quality breeding, the BV 380 hens can lay as many as 308 eggs per year. Compared with similar laying hens, it has higher economic benefits. From day-old BV380 chicks to adult broilers that can be sent to the slaughterhouse, BV380 broilers can live their entire life cycle in professional BV380 chicken cages.

Features of BV 380 Chicken

bv 380 chicken cage
bv 380 chicken cage

Similar to other breeds of laying hens, BV380 hens start laying eggs around 18-19 weeks and terminate at 72 weeks of age. BV380 hens entering the peak egg production period can produce up to 308 eggs per year. Feed consumption also increased significantly during this period. Chicks aged 0-20 weeks need about 8kg of feed, while hens aged 21-72 weeks need a total of 43kg of feed.

Types of BV 380 Chicken Cages

BV380 chicken shed

As a professional chicken cage R&D and manufacturing enterprise, AGICO provides you with various chicken cage equipment. The BV 380 cage price is the factory direct ex-factory price, providing you with the greatest discount.

BV 380 hen cage

A-Type Layer Cage 3-Tiers
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
2150×1870×1550 3 10 4 120
2150×2050×2065 4 10 4 160

A-Type chicken cage has high stocking density, simple structure, and easy maintenance, which is very suitable for the breeding of BV 380 hen. A-Type laying hen cages are divided into 3-layer and 4-layer specifications, and each cage can hold 4 BV380 chickens. The laying hen cage system is equipped with automatic drinking water, feeding, egg collection, and manure cleaning devices, which can easily realize automatic laying hen breeding.

BV 380 chicks and broiler cage

H-Type Broiler Cage 3-Tiers
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
1500×1000×2250 3 1 30 90
1500×1000×2900 4 1 30 120

The H-type chicken cage occupies a small space, which is more convenient for manual operation in the event of machine failure or power failure. The cage net is larger, and the area of a single chicken can reach 500cm2, which can meet the breeding needs of BV380 broilers. Day-collar chicks can be put into H-type broiler cages for breeding, and there is no need to change cages throughout the life cycle.

BV380 chickens are suitable for living in tropical climates. In cold areas, fully enclosed chicken houses should be selected. In humid tropical areas, open chicken sheds should be selected for BV380 chickens.