Automatic Chicken Feeder System

For the feeding of chickens in cage free poultry farms, a fully automatic chicken feeder system is mainly used. The automatic chicken feeder system is also called the poultry feed line. It is an automatic chicken feeding equipment that integrates feeding, unloading, and precise feed distribution. The automatic chicken feeder system has a wide range of applications and can be used for feeding broilers, chicks, and laying hens in cage free poultry farming.

Automatic Chicken Feeder System
Automatic Chicken Feeder System

Details of Automatic Chicken Feeder System

layout design of chicken feed line for chicken house

AGICO provides you with a reliable quality automatic chicken feeder system. Our chicken feed line is mainly composed of a material tower, chicken feed pan, material conveying pipe, auger, motor and material level sensor, and other components. The poultry feed lines are arranged in rows and are generally set at intervals from the drinking water lines. According to the length of the chicken house, there are several outlets evenly distributed in the feed line for raising chickens, and each outlet is equipped with a feeding pan. The chicken feed pan is generally divided into 14-16 grids, which can provide 40-70 chickens with a normal diet.

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Main Chicken Feeding Equipment in Chicken Feed Line

The working principle of the automatic feed line system is to drive the screw winch through the transmission shaft of the drive system to rotate in the feed pipe, thereby evenly transmitting feed to each feed pan of the feed line. The material level sensor at the end of the chicken feed line is responsible for controlling the start and close of the entire feed line. This design of the automatic chicken feeder system realizes the automation and intensification of chicken feeding, which not only shortens the feeding time, and reduces labor costs, but also effectively avoids the slow growth of chickens caused by uneven manual feeding.

Feeding hopper in chicken feeding line

Feeding hopper

Each chicken feeding line is equipped with a feeding hopper. The hopper is made of galvanized material. The material is thicker, the capacity is increased, the hardness is stronger, the anti-corrosion effect is better, and the service life is longer.

Drive motor in poultry feeding line

Drive motor

The drive motor is designed with 0.75kw power, 380V voltage, and 50HZ frequency. The motor noise is as low as 50 decibels during operation. The gear structure inside the motor is resistant to high temperatures and has a longer lifespan.

Power Voltage Frequency
0.75kw 380V 50HZ
Sensor in poultry feeding line


The sensor in the automatic feeding line adopts a high-precision sensor. When there is feed in the feed pan, the feeding will stop automatically. When there is no feed in the chicken feed pan, the sensor triggers the signal to start feeding. High sensitivity and longer service life.

Auger in poultry feeding line


The auger in the automatic chicken feeder system is made of high-quality raw materials and processed by a special manufacturing process, with reliable quality and excellent performance. Its feeding capacity can reach 1400kg/h, and the bend radius is R1500.

Feeding capacity Bend radius
1400kg/h R1500
Chicken feeding pan in chicken feeding line

Chicken feeding pan

The feeding pan adopts one-time molding technology, which is strong and durable.

Diameter Material Number of feed pan grid Feed amount
330mm PP (polypropylene) 14-16 40-70 chicken/pan
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How to Choose High-Quality Automatic Chicken Feeder System?

Because of its simple structure and easy assembly, the automatic chicken feeding line system is widely used in chicken farms of various sizes. Due to the simple working principle of the chicken feed line, the quality of the various configurations of the feed line system produced by various manufacturers varies greatly. Of course, there are also large differences in the material and price of the chicken feeding equipment.

Main Chicken Feeding Equipment in Chicken Feed Line

The automatic chicken feeder system consists of various components working together, so the quality of each component determines whether the entire wire feeder system can work smoothly. Choosing a chicken feeder system supplier with high-quality accessories and a good reputation is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of the chicken farm feeding system

As an experienced chicken feeding equipment supplier, AGICO provides farming equipment to customers in more than 30 countries around the world. You can choose us with confidence. You only need to provide the size of your chicken house, the number of chickens, and other information, and our experts will bring you free planning and design services for the chicken feed line system. Welcome Inquiry.

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