Small Pellet Mill For Sale

small pellet mill
  • Do you want to find a simple structure, wide applicability, small footprint, low noise small pellet mill? Small pellet mill is the best choice for you!
  • If you want to make full use of your biomass wastes, such as wood, wood, bamboo, pine trees, alfalfa, straw, wheat bran, cotton stalks, rice husk, cotton stalk, and many other biomass materials. Small pellet mill can perfect to help you.
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Why Do You Need A Small Pellet Machine?

The small pellet machine is a kind of biomass pellet mill. It is more suitable for small-scale production of household or farm pellets such as feed for chicken cages due to its small size and easy movement. Small pellet mill can be use the agriculture and forestry processing wastes such as sawdust, straw, rice husk, corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut shells, corn cobs, cotton, soybean pole, chaff, weed, branches, leaves, sawdust, tree bark biomass as raw material, through pretreatment and process, the curing forming for high density of pellet fuel. Pellet product is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene, so that small pellet machine can not only save energy but also reduce soot emissions, and economic and social benefits, is a kind of high efficient, clean and renewable energy equipment.

The pellet fuel produced by the small pellet mill is made of pressing the roller and the ring mould at normal temperature, and is used for extruding the raw materials such as sawdust, straw and so on. Raw material of the density is about 0.6 to 0.8, the general forming particle density is greater than 1.1, the transportation, and storage is extremely convenient. At the same time, the biological pellet fuel has improved its combustion performance, brought a certain economic benefits.

The use of household small pellet machine is a general trend of globalization, people all over the world are using biomass pellet machine. One day you may be surprised to find that your neighbours are using it.

Need other kinds of pellet machine? We have small wood pellet mill and small feed pellet mill for sell on your needs. If you are interested in them, please contact us for more details.

small pellet mill structure

How To Choose A Suitable Small Pellet Mill?

We have different types of pellet machine performance for you table as follows, you can control your need to choose the appropriate models. If you have anything doesn’t understand, welcome to contact us, we will provide the most suitable solution for you.

Appearance Model Power Capacity(kg/h) Weight(nw/gw)
electric motor pellet mill ZLSP-D 150B 5.5kW 50-100 95/110
ZLSP-D 200B 7.5 kW 80-120 200/230
ZLSP-D 230B 11 kW 120-200 290/320
ZLSP-D 260B 15 kW 160-250 320/360
ZLSP-D 300B 22 kW 250-400 350/380
electric motor with enclosure pellet mill ZLSP-D 150C 5.5kW 60-110 105/125
ZLSP-D 200C 7.5 kW 80-120 210x230
ZLSP-D 230C 11 kW 120-200 290/320
ZLSP-D 260C 15 kW 160-250 340/370
ZLSP-D 300C 22 kW 250-400 425/465
diesel engine pellet mill ZLSP-D 150A 8HP 50-100 180/220
ZLSP-D 200A 15 HP 80-120 210/240
ZLSP-D 230A 22 HP 120-200 280/310
ZLSP-D 260A 30 HP 160-250 330/360
ZLSP-D 300A 41 HP 250-400 410-450
gasoline engine pellet mill ZLSP-150Q 7.5H 90-120 180-220
pto pellet mill ZLSP-D 150P ≥8 HP 50-100 90-110
ZLSP-D 200P ≥15 HP 80-120 130/150
ZLSP-D 230P ≥22 HP 120-200 175/200
ZLSP-D 260P ≥33 HP 160-250 235/255
ZLSP-D 300P ≥41 HP 250-400 305/325

AGICO Pellet Machine Product Advantages

  • We have excellent development team, with the world's leading processing equipment, strict quality control standards for the small pellet machine product to ensure the performance and quality of pellet products.
  • We have a variety of small pellet mill products suitable for different materials and different uses, but also with different types of millstones, to meet the needs of different materials, granulation.
  • Small pellet mill formation rate is high; the pellets have high hardness and smooth surface, good for transportation and storage.
  • Small pellet machine design is reasonable, with the advantages of simple operation and no noise.

High quality raw materials

small pellet mill raw materials

High quality raw materials: feed hopper on the side of small pellet mill made use of high-grade steel; gear box adopts high quality cast iron materials, low noise, and good shock absorption.

Use high quality alloy steel

roller with high quality alloy steel

Roller with high quality alloy steel as raw materials. The surface hardness of small pellet machine can reach HRC58-61, with strong resistance to wear; In the process of using hardness difference less than HRC3, put an end to the crack, metal shed and the phenomenon such as eccentric wear, greatly improving the service life of ring die.

Electric control box

electric control box with spray treatment

Electric control box with spray treatment, high thickness, strength and toughness enhancement, electrical box adopts urgent stop switch, safe and durable to use.

Safety electronic control system

built in safety electronic control system

Built in safety electronic control system, fully comply with CE standard operating system.

How To Install A Small Wood Pellet Mill?

R-Type Small Pellet Mill
R-Type Small Pellet Mill

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D-Type Small Pellet Mill
D-Type Small Pellet Mill

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