Chick Chicken House Plans for 1000 Chickens

Details of Chick Chicken House Plans for 1000 Chickens

Chick Chicken House Plans for 5000 Chickens

Application: broiler poultry house
Chicken cage model: H-Type broiler cage, 3 tiers, 90 birds/set
Chicken cage size: 1500 mm×1000 mm×2250 mm
Number of chicken cages: 56 sets
Number of chickens: 90 birds/set ×14 sets/row ×4 row/house =5040 birds/house
Design layout: 14 sets/row, 4 row/house
Poultry house size (L×W×H): 29m×10m×4m
Poultry house beam height: >3750mm

Details of Chick Chicken House Plans for 1000 Chickens

This plan is specially designed for a chick chicken houses with a breeding scale of 1,000 birds. The chicken cage configured in the 1000 chicks chicken house plan is 3 tiers A-type chick brooding cage. The chick brooding cage is a cage specially used for raising baby chickens. The brooding cage net has a small gap and is suitable for baby chickens to step on. The height of both the feeding trough and the drinking device can be adjusted according to the height of the chicks. The 3 tiers A-type brooding cage can raise 180 chicks per group, and 6 groups can meet the feeding capacity of 1080 chickens.

our baby chicken cage
our baby chicken cage
our baby chicken cage

The design size of the 1000-chick chicken house is 19m×5m ×3m, and the size of each set of chicken cage is 2150mm×1870mm×1550mm. There are 6 sets of chick brooding cages, which are placed in a single row.

The 1000-chick chicken house can be equipped without automatic breeding equipment, or it can be configured according to the customer's budget and automation requirements. Automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, and automatic manure removal, and other automatic equipment, only one set of equipment for each row of chicken cages. Therefore, placing the chick brooding cages in a single row can effectively reduce the budget for equipment configuration.

Type Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
A Type 1840×1900×2250 3 6 10 180
Area/bird(cm²): 307
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Layout of Chick Chicken House Plans for 1000 Chickens

Length calculation and layout of 1000 chick chicken house

Length calculation and layout of 1000 chick chicken house

The naked length of each set of chick cages is 1840mm, plus the reserved space and the thickness of the shelf legs, each set is about 1875mm. The total length of 6 sets of chick brooding cages placed in a single row is 1875×6=11250mm (11.25m). If the chick chicken house does not need to add automated breeding equipment, a total of 2-3 meters of space can be reserved before and after. If you need to add automated farming equipment, you need to reserve 6-7 meters of space.

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Width calculation and layout of 1000 chick chicken house

Chick Chicken House Plans for 1000 Chickens

The width of a single set of three tiers A-type chick brooding cages is 1900mm, and the total width is 2300mm with the expansion width of rack legs and feeding equipment. The design interval between the chick brooding cage and the left wall is 900mm -1100mm, and the chick brooding cage and the right wall are also kept at the same distance.

Height calculation and layout of 1000 chick chicken house

The height of the three tiers chick brooding cage is 1580mm, and the height of the rack legs is 1750mm. In addition to the 800mm headspace that needs to be reserved, the height of the house beam should be at least 2550mm.

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