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Poultry Cages for Sale

AGICO is dedicated to the design and manufacture of types of cages in poultry. According to the characteristics of different poultry, we have designed poultry cages suitable for different poultry and livestock breeding. Among them, quail cages, pigeon cages, meat duck cages, rabbit cages, chicken cages, and other products are widely sold in more than 50 countries and regions overseas.

We have a professional R&D team. In addition to poultry cages for sale, we can also customize cages in poultry with special sizes and uses for customers. Welcome to consult or customize your poultry cage!

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Cage System in Poultry

AGICO has launched a highly intelligent and automated cage system in poultry. In addition to cages in poultry, customers can choose automatic feeding, automatic drinking, automatic manure cleaning, egg collection, temperature, and air control devices according to the breeding scale and their own needs.

Cage System in Poultry
  1. If your poultry farming scale is more than 1000 birds, in addition to cages, we recommend that you choose a cage system with an automatic manure removal device. Poultry houses with a scale of more than 1,000 poultry need to be cleaned in time to reduce the incidence of poultry diseases.
  2. If your poultry farm needs to collect eggs, we recommend that you choose a cage system with automatic egg collection equipment. Egg collection equipment can help you automatically collect eggs from poultry such as quails, pigeons, ducks, etc. into egg storage boxes. While increasing the egg production rate, more time and labor costs can be saved.
  3. If your poultry farm is more than 5000 birds, we recommend a fully automatic cage system in poultry for you. The poultry system includes poultry cages, automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, egg collection, lighting, and air purification devices, and is suitable for large-scale poultry houses.
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Why Do You Need Cage Farming?

Before cage farming became popular, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, and other poultry were mostly raised in free-range farming. Free-range farming is a farming method in which all poultry are kept in a single house or open space, allowing them to move freely on the ground or in the sky.

With the progress of the times, the advantages of cage farming are further highlighted. Placing birds in cages stacked layer by layer not only has high feeding density, small floor area and saves land but also has a high degree of intensification and better economic benefits.

Cage farming

Cage farming
  • The number of feeding is 3-4 times that of traditional feeding methods.
  • A fully enclosed cage system in poultry, with good temperature and air quality, reduces the incidence of poultry diseases and reduces mortality.
  • It is more convenient to inject vaccines or administer medicines.
  • Cage breeding, easy management. It is convenient to observe the state of the birds, and if they are sick, they can be found in time.

Free-range farming

Free-range farming
  • Under the condition of a certain breeding area, the number of breeding poultry is relatively small.
  • Free-range poultry houses, especially open-air poultry houses, cannot guarantee a relatively stable temperature. Free-range breeding is greatly affected by weather and temperature.
  • Free-range poultry can move freely and exercise enough. But it is more difficult to carry out unified management.
  • Free-range poultry has a large range of activities, and it is not suitable to detect the disease in time, and it is easy to infect a large number of birds.

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