Automatic Feeding System for Poultry

Chicken feeding troughs
Automatic feeding machine
Chicken feeding system pipelines
Feed tower

Automatic Feeding System for Poultry

In mechanized poultry production, feeding operation is heavy work. Automatic feeding systems should have the characteristics of reliable operation, convenient operation, timely and quantitative supply, providing the same feeding conditions, small feed loss, not easy to pollute feed, and low noise. Automatic feeding system is an important part of mechanized poultry farm equipment.

Composition of Automatic Feeding System for Poultry

The automatic chicken feeding system mainly includes chicken feeding troughs, automatic feeding machines, feed towers, pipelines, power supplies, etc.

Chicken feeding troughs


Poultry farmers need to put the feed into the chicken feeding troughs eventually for the chickens to eat. The automatic feeding system uses an automatic feeding machine to put the chicken feed into the trough. For one-week-old chicks, due to their height, the troughs installed outside the cage mesh cannot be reached, so feed trays need to be placed inside the cage.

The shape of the chicken feeding trough affects whether the feed can be fully utilized. The trough is too shallow and there is no edge protection, which will cause more feed waste. One side of the trough is higher, and when the slope is larger, it can prevent the chickens from throwing the feed out of the trough when eating. The size of the chicken feeding trough should be set according to the size of the chickens.

Automatic feeding machine for poultry

The automatic feeding machine for poultry is made of galvanized sheets and runs smoothly without noise. A homogenizer is installed on the chicken feeding machine, which can adjust the output according to the feed intake to prevent feed waste. The automatic chicken feeding machine can be controlled by remote control, start and stop at any time, easy to operate, save manpower and material resources, and reduce feeding costs.

According to different structures, the automatic feeding machine can be divided into two types, the top box feeding machine and the cross-cage feeding machine.

Top box feeding machine

box feeding machine used for A-type poultry cages
box feeding machine used for cage free poultry farming

The top box feeding machine has only one feed bucket above each row of chicken cages. The volume of the feed box should meet the feed intake of all the chickens in each row of chicken cages each time. An auger is installed at the bottom of the hopper, and when the driving parts work, the auger rotates accordingly to push the feed out of the hopper, and the feed flows into the trough evenly along the slide pipe.

Cross-cage feeding machine

Cross cage feeding machine
Cross cage feeding machine
Cross cage feeding machine

The cross-cage feeding machine has different configurations according to the type of chicken cage (type A or type H). But on every row of feed troughs, a small rectangular material box is straddled. The lower part of the hopper is in the shape of an oblique cone, and the conical flat mouth sits in the feed trough. When the driving parts run to drive the feeding machine to move along the chicken cage, the feed will slide down the cone surface and fall into the trough to complete the feeding operation.

Advantages of AGICO's new type automatic feeding machine for poultry

  • The feeding process is safer and more convenient by directly pushing the feed. There is no noise in the feeding process, and the stress response of chickens is small.
  • A 10,000-chicken house takes only 40 minutes to complete a feed. One feeding machine can meet the daily feeding work of a 60,000-chicken house.
  • The automatic chicken feeding machine can turn automatically, move forward and backward flexibly, and can walk freely in the chicken house. The height of the powder auger can be adjusted, and it can be freely retracted on both sides until the material outlet is put into the material trough.
  • The chicken feeding machine can minimize feed waste and feed evenly. The feeding amount can be adjusted according to the operating speed of the feeder. An automatic feeding machine can replace the workload of more than ten people, reduce labor and improve breeding efficiency.
feed towers

Feed towers

The feed tower is a kind of storage equipment suitable for large and medium-sized poultry farms. The feed tower adopts a closed design, which can effectively reduce the pollution and damage of the feed by mice and flies.

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