Other Chicken Farm Equipment

Other Chicken Farm Equipment

Other Chicken Farm Equipment for Sale

To create a modern chicken farm, the most important thing is to be equipped with modern chicken farm equipment. Chicken farm equipment is a general term for special machinery, tools, and internal facilities used in the production process of chicken farms such as chicks, breeders, broilers, and laying hens.

The number of modern large-scale poultry farms is increasing with the continuous development of science and technology. Automated poultry farm equipment has emerged as the times require, and has gradually replaced some traditional poultry farming equipment.

In addition to suitable chicken cages, modern farming equipment includes automatic feeding systems, automatic egg collection systems, poultry drinking systems, poultry manure removal systems, heating equipment, ventilation equipment, lighting equipment, etc. AGICO is a professional poultry farm equipment supplier. We can provide customers with various traditional chicken farming equipment, fully automatic farming equipment, and various farming equipment installation tools and accessories.

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Why Use Automated Poultry Farming Equipment?

air inlets for chicken house
Air inlets for chicken house
drinking system for chicken house
Drinking system for chicken house
tunnel fans for chicken house
Tunnel fans for chicken house
types of cooling pads
Types of cooling pads
The use of automated poultry farm equipment can help chicken farms achieve highly automated control of the entire production process, while effectively improving production efficiency and reducing labor input.
  • The automatic feeding system can realize automatic feeding. The whole system adopts automatic feeding and automatically recognizes the automatic feeding device of the discharge tower, so as to realize completely independent feeding.
  • Chicken farm equipment can realize automatic chicken farm management. Through the setting of the central control computer system, the automatic management of chicken estrus identification, indoor temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, shutter switch, etc. is realized.
  • Chicken farm equipment can realize automatic data transmission. All production data can be transmitted in real-time and displayed on the mobile phones and other equipment of the farmers.
  • Chicken farm equipment can realize automatic alarms. The chicken coop is equipped with computer monitoring equipment, and if there is a problem, it will automatically give an alarm prompt.
  • The conveying type automatic manure cleaning system is dry and hygienic, saves labor, and can perform manure cleaning many times a day, which can greatly reduce the respiratory diseases of chickens.
  • The feeding is more concentrated, which can effectively reduce the mobile contact of staff in the chicken house, and is more conducive to the prevention and control of chicken diseases.
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Poultry Farm Equipment Suppliers with Strong Strength

agico poultry farm equipment factory
AGICO poultry farm equipment factory
agico Poultry farm Equipment honors
AGICO poultry farm equipment honors

AGICO is an overall service provider of automated poultry equipment integrating R&D, production, marketing, and service. Our company's main products include layer cage equipment, broiler cage equipment, chick cage equipment, environmental control equipment, egg grading and packaging equipment, automatic feeding, automatic drinking water, automatic manure cleaning, and other automation equipment.

If you have purchase needs for poultry farm equipment, welcome to consult AGICO, an expert in poultry equipment.

All Other Chicken Farm Equipment

AGICO Specializes In Various Poultry Farming Cage Equipment
  • We can provide cage equipment for laying hens, broilers, chicks, and breeders;
  • Additionally, we provide breeding cages for other poultry, such as duck cages, quail cages, rabbit cages, goose cages, and more;
  • We provide one-stop solutions for various poultry houses and poultry farms;
  • We can provide various auxiliary equipment required for poultry farming, such as egg collection equipment, drinking water systems, manure cleaning systems, feeders, nipple drinkers, and more.

Please provide us with the necessary information below. The more comprehensive your inquiry, the more accurate the quotation we can offer.

  • For chicken cages, kindly inform us about the type of poultry, their height and weight ranges, the quantity for breeding, and the area of the poultry house.
  • For poultry houses and farms, please provide the estimated area of the site and investment budget information.
  • Regarding auxiliary equipment, please specify the equipment names, required quantities, and the destination for equipment delivery.
  • If you have any drawings or relevant attachments, please feel free to directly send them to sales@agico.com.cn.