Small Oil Mill Plant

Small Oil Mill Plant

If you want to build your own small oil mill plant, the size of the output in 1-20T/D, then you need to build two main production lines, they are small oil pressing line and small oil refinery line. The small oil pressing line helps you to treat oil from the oilseeds to the crude oil, small oil refining production line to help you get more pure oil products.

Small Oil Pressing Line

How Does A Novice Choose The Right Oil Mill Machinery For Your Small Oil Press Production Line?

The general answer may be that you need the following oil extraction equipment:
Sheller, Cleaning Sieve, Conveyor, Cooker, Small oil expeller or Multifunctional oil expeller, Filter.
small oil pressing line

However, due to the need to deal with different varieties of oilseeds, the need to select the oil extraction equipment will be different, we will analyze it as following.

  • Sheller: The sheller is suitable for oilseed that requires pretreatment to remove the shell, such as many vegetable seeds, like peanuts, rapeseed, camellia seed, sunflower seed oil and so on. These oilseeds need to first remove the outer shell before extracting, in order to facilitate the follow-up oil step of the orderly process. For example, grape seed, soybean oil is no peeling process.
  • Cleaning sieve: used to clean up the impurities in the oil, if your material cleanliness standards, without the use of the equipment.
  • Conveyor: facilitate the transport of materials between the various devices, saving labor costs. General recommendations for small oil production line equipment to be equipped with.
  • Cooker: decided by the pressing the way. Cooker is used to cook the oilseed in the hot pressing process. It is not necessary to install this equipment if you choose cold press way.
  • Small oil expeller or Multifunctional oil expeller: you can selected according to the needs of small oil press or multi-function oil press. Small oil press generally do not filter function, need to be equipped with additional filtration equipment, and multi-function oil press comes with vacuum filtration equipment.
  • Filter: the last step for a small pressing line, used for remove the impurities from oil.

Small Oil Refinery Line

small oil refining production line

AGICO GROUP production of small oil refining production line, can make the animal crude oil and vegetable crude oil through the dissolution, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing and other refining processes, after treatment to obtain refined oil. The oil can meet the national standard for first grade oil. At the same time oil can be produced on level 1, level 3 and level 4. A multi-purpose machine has the advantages of easy transportation, small footprint, fewer operators and energy conservation. The small oil refinery line has all the functions of large and medium refinery line, which is better than the large and medium refining production line.

Compared with other methods of oil extraction, small oil refining line has the following advantages:

  • Simple process, less equipment,
  • Strong adaptability to oil varieties, flexible production,
  • Oil quality is good, light color,
  • Pure flavor and other advantages.

Small oil refinery line for small scale oil refining process, production capacity in 1-20T/D, can be processed soybeans, peanuts, palm, corn germ, rice bran, sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and other vegetable oil refining.
vegetable oil refining

Our company also can be based on customer requirements (oil type, processing size, etc.), to provide different grades of oil processing equipment. Any other needs like vegetable oil, animal oil refinery line? 20T/D refinery production line or larger >30T/D? What are you waiting for? Contact us now for more information!

The equipment processing and production by the factory's large-scale processing centers and supporting the production and completion of CNC machine tools, equipped with precision instruments as a special tool for testing and measurement to ensure that the quality of the product. Small oil refinery line investment is small, the effect is rapid, the design is reasonable, compact structure, beautiful layout, is to create the best choice for urban and rural modern oil mill plant.

Successful Case Of Small Oil Refinery Line

successful case of small oil refinery line