Oil Mill Machinery

As a professional enterprise engaged in the grain and oil industry for decades. We have developed hundreds of oil mill machinery for customers, which can meet the needs of edible oil production from different aspects. We have cold press oil machine and hot press oil extractor to meet your different choice for excellent taste of edible oil. We have developed a simple oil press machine using the principle of physical to press oilseed to meet your daily edible demand. As another important method of edible oil production, oil mill machinery using chemical preparation method is also an important field of our research. The technology of making oil mill machinery in the process of solvent extraction and edible oil refinery has been quite mature. The following will introduce you to our oil mill machinery based on the scale of edible oil production.

Home use mini oil mill uses screw press technology to press oilseed. It is mainly divided into manual mini oil press and automatic oil press machine, and the output is between 50-300kg/h. Because of mini oil mill has simple structure, convenient operation, suitable for carrying and storage, very suitable for household edible oil making.

Large scale single oil extraction machine’s oil yield is much larger than that of home use mini oil mill, which can reach 10-300t/d. It can be used in a single unit or in multiple units at the same time. The single oil extraction machine is more suitable for medium-sized edible oil workshops and large oil mill plants.

Small scale(1-20t/d) small oil mill plant with moderate output is composed of a complete set of oil mill machinery. It not only has the oil press, but also includes vibrating sieve, oilseed sheller, conveyor, oil filter machine, steaming and frying machine and so on. Of course, these oil mill machinery is optional, according to your oil production demand with the requirement oil mill machinery.

Large scale(>20t/d) oil mill plant includes oil mill machinery be used in complete oil making process. It is suitable for large-scale oil production companies to purchase, the maximum support output can reach 5000t/d. Large scale oil mill plant important sections include oilseed pretreatment, oil pressing section, solvent extraction, edible oil refinery.

Auxiliary equipment for edible oil production mainly includes linear sealing machine and oil filling machine. Auxiliary equipment is an important link to help filling the edible oil and get into market.

What Kind Of Oilseed Can Our Oil Mill Machinery Press?

Rapeseed oil
Rapeseed Oil
Soybean oil
Soybean Oil
Peanut oil
Peanut Oil
Palm oil
Palm Oil
Sunflower oil
Sunflower Oil
Rice bran oil
Rice Bran Oil
Sesame oil
Sesame Oil
Lard oil
Lard Oil

Edible oil is the oil we use in the process of making food, which is divided into vegetable oil and animal oil (animal fat). Using oil mill machinery produced by AGICO Machinery can press various vegetable oils, including rapeseed oil, peanut oil, corn oil, olive oil, camellia oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, walnut oil, flaxseed oil, etc. Animal oil (animal fat) can also be obtained by oil mill machinery. Terrestrial warm-blooded animals and poultry oils such as beef tallow, lard and lanolin oil. Oils of marine mammals and fish, such as whale oil, fish oil, etc.

Oil Mill Machinery Main Classification

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