Poultry Automatic Drinker System

Poultry Automatic Drinker System Efficiently Solve Poultry Drinking Water Problems

Poultry automatic drinker system is a drinking water equipment commonly used in large chicken farms. The automatic drinker system adopts a fully enclosed water supply, which can effectively prevent the leakage of drinking water, and is conducive to keeping the environment in the chicken house dry, thereby reducing ammonia odor and mold reproduction. The fully enclosed drinking water line can ensure fresh and clean poultry water supply, prevent external pollution and reduce the incidence of diseases.

Main Components and Functions of Poultry Automatic Drinker System

Components and Functions of Poultry Automatic Drinker System
Components and Functions of Poultry Automatic Drinker System


A filter is used to remove impurities from the water, resulting in cleaner water and effective functioning of the drinking water system. The filter consists of a plastic housing, filter mesh, and a water pressure gauge. Both the inlet and outlet sides of the filter are equipped with a water pressure gauge.

Pressure Reducing Device

A pressure regulator's primary job is to regulate and control the water pressure that enters the drinking water system. The pressure can be changed to regulate the water flow according on the birds' needs for water. The pressure regulator made by AGICO is extremely sensitive and keeps pressure steady. The pressure regulator's water output is plenty and uniformly dispersed, and it also makes sure that the water line is clean and water is used sparingly. Standard twin ball valves are included in the regulator, making replacement simpler.

Electric Shock Line

The main purpose of the electric shock line is to prevent chickens in free-range chicken coops from jumping onto the water line and causing damage to it by bending or breaking it.


The pipelines in an automatic poultry drinking water system mainly consist of fixed steel pipes and water supply pipes. The fixed steel pipes are used to secure the water outlet pipes, ensuring that the water line remains straight and sturdy. The water supply pipes serve as both a temporary storage space for drinking water and a channel for water flow.

Drinking nipple

The drinking nipple is composed of a stainless steel ball, a sealing ring, a flow pin, a stainless steel contact, and a saddle. The outer shell of the drinking nipple is made of engineering plastic, and the internal valve stem is made of grease stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and double-layer sealed, making it flexible to use.

Water saving cup

A cup-shaped tray installed below the drinking nipple is used to solve splashing caused by chickens drinking water, reduce humidity in the chicken coop, and avoid breeding bacteria.

Waterline lifting system

The waterline lifting system includes two parts: a lifting device and a regulator. The elevator is responsible for the overall lifting of the automatic drinking water system, while the regulator is responsible for the local lifting of the drinking water line.


Disinfectants used for regular disinfection of the automatic drinking water system and drugs for chickens need to be added through a dispenser.

Advantages of Automatic Poultry Drinking Water System

disply of poultry automatic drinker system
design of poultry automatic drinker system

Automatic poultry drinking water system is a water supply system that provides continuous clean and fresh water for poultry houses, such as chicken houses, duck houses, and houses. This type of water supply line is widely used in commercial farms and family farms.

Convenient and time-saving

Compared with traditional manual water supply methods, the automatic poultry drinking water system has more advantages. It saves time and effort, as the system automatically supplies water to poultry without manual intervention. This ensures that poultry can drink clean water at any time.

Hygiene and safety

The automatic poultry drinking water system adopts a fully enclosed water supply mode, which is more hygienic and safe. It effectively prevents dust, feces, or other harmful substances from contaminating the water source. This reduces the risk of poultry spreading diseases through water and lowers the mortality rate.

Water-saving and efficient

The automatic water supply system can ensure more efficient use of water resources. Water is only provided when poultry triggers the drinking nipple, reducing unnecessary water waste and lowering water expenses.

The automatic poultry drinking water system is a necessary tool in modern poultry farming. It can ensure the health and well-being of poultry, improve production efficiency, and reduce costs.

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