Poultry Drinking System

Poultry Drinking Systems for Sale

Poultry drinking systems are common and ideal drinking water equipment for poultry farms. The closed and centralized water supply line can ensure the clean water supply of all chicken cages in large chicken houses. The chicken drinking system can provide fresh and clean drinking water, effectively prevent drinking water leakage, keep the air in the chicken house dry, reduce the reproduction of ammonia and mold, improve the environment in the chicken house, eliminate external pollution, and reduce the incidence of diseases incidence.

Poultry drinking systems for sale

The poultry drinking systems are mainly composed of water diversion pipelines, filters, dosing devices, pressure regulating valves, lifting systems, nipple drinkers, and other components. The poultry drinking systems adopt a centralized water supply. The water is taken from the water source by the water pump, and after purification and disinfection, it is sent to the water storage equipment for storage. Each row of chicken cages in the chicken house will be equipped with corresponding water distribution pipes, and clean drinking water will be sent to the nipple drinkers in each chicken cage through the water distribution pipes. Eventually, chicken drink from nipple drinkers.

Main Equipment of Poultry Drinking Systems

Filter for poultry drinking system


The filter equipped in the poultry drinking system can remove impurities, rust, bacteria, and other substances harmful to the chicken in the water. Filtering and chlorinating drinking water with filters is also an effective way to control the mineral content of the water. Farmers can choose a filter with a suitable pore size according to the needs of the chickens. The filter should be checked and cleaned at least once a week.

Diversion pipelines

Diversion pipelines

The chicken drinking system adopts an independent waterline design, and each layer of chicken cages has an independent waterline and pressure regulator. This fully enclosed water diversion pipeline design eliminates the pollution of the external environment and effectively prevents the spread of bacteria. The waterline can be raised and lowered, and the waterline can be raised and lowered for broiler cages and brooder cages. According to the height of the chickens, the height of the water line can be adjusted up and down. So as to meet the drinking water needs of chickens of different types and ages.

Poultry drinker

The poultry drinker is an important piece of equipment in the poultry drinking system. Poultry drinker includes trough drinker, nipple drinker, Plasson drinker, vacuum drinker, and so on. These poultry drinkers need to be equipped with water tanks and pipelines in the chicken house. Most poultry drinkers are made of plastic, but they can also be made of wood, bamboo, and other materials.

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Nipple drinker

Single Cup Nipple Drinker
Double Cup Nipple Drinker

  • Nipple drinkers are the mainstream chicken drinkers in chicken farms, and they are very common in large-scale poultry farms. The nipple drinker for chicken adopts a sealed water supply method, which is separated from the outside world, and the drinking water is not easily polluted. The nipple drinker is not easy to leak, saves water, can automatically add water, and is suitable for chickens of all reproductive ages.

Plasson drinker

Plasson drinker
Plasson drinker

  • Plasson drinkers are suitable for flat-net breeding, cage breeding, and free-range breeding of various poultry such as chickens, ducks, and geese. It is made of new PP material, which has the characteristics of anti-drop, anti-compression, anti-aging and so on. The tower design chassis and barrel body can be nested together, which is convenient for transportation, easy to clean, and more beautiful.

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