Complete Pellet Plant

large complete pellet plant
  • If you
  • Feel your pellet plant is too small;
  • Have more space to place the complete pellet plant equipment;
  • Have more land to store a lot of material;
  • Need to expand your pellet production line scale;
  • Intend to increase investment in pellet production line.
  • So then
  • You Need A Large Complete Pellet Plant!
  • Trust us, you'll get a much better economic return!
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The complete pellet production line is suitable for factories or enterprises with large particle production demand. Because of the large size of the equipment, the pellet production line is much larger than that of the mobile pellet plant. According to the different production scale, it can reach the area of a few floors.

Basic flow of pellet production line:
Log → Log Splitting → Wood Chipping → Wood Crushing → Drying → Pellt Mill Pelletizing →Cooling &Sieving→Pellets Packing
Capacity Range from 500kg/H to 30T/H,upon all your needs.
pellet production line
basic flow of pellet production line

How To Choose Your Suitable Pellet Production Line?

Which complete pellet plant should I choose? What factors should be considered for selecting a pellet production line? Believe that these problems of many clients want to know, listed below to help you find out some factors need to be aware of.

  • 1.The output of complete pellet plant
    It is the first factor that determines whether the pellet production line is suitable for you. We have 0-1 Ton/H, 1-2Ton/H, 3-6Ton/H, 7-10Ton/H, 10+Ton/H and more types, choose the right pellet production lines that match your production scale. Of course, the greater the yield, the higher the price will be.
  • 2.Raw material of pellet plant
    If you want to do biomass pellet fuel, its raw material requirements 3-6MM size, moisture requirements in 10-15%, if the raw material does not meet the conditions, needed to be processed. If the raw material is a branch, you need to add the crushing equipment in the production line. If the raw material moisture content is too large, you need to add drying equipment to your pellet plant. The more equipment you need, the higher the price you need.
  • 3.The technics of pellet plant
    The technics here refers to the degree of automation and operation of the production line. The higher the degree of automation, the higher the price is. The higher the degree of closure, the less dust, the higher price is. Process more simple, the price will be relatively cheap.
  • 4.The accuracy of the production line accessories
    Pellet production line parts of high precision, the product will produce the higher precision. If accessories materials use higher precision, the equipment can be more durable and stable.
  • 5.Pellet plant manufacturers after-sales service
    Choose a strong after-sales service team, providing quality service provider is absolutely important for you to choose the particle production line equipment.

Read the above advices, do you have a certain understanding of how to choose the right pellet production line? AGICO has advanced autonomous pellet production line manufacturing experience, we provide our customers the each grain production line is not the same. We will according to your actual demand, considering you all aspects of factors, tailored for you the best pellet production line solutions. Provide you with full guidance, rest assured after-sales service.

What are you thinking about, contact us, and now start to build your pellet production line!
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