Chick Brooding Cage

Chick Brooding Cage System

Customer Satisfaction: ★★★★☆
Cumulative Sales: 150,000 Sets
Application: 1 day old chick-110 day old chick
Type: A-Type brooder cage, H-Type brooder cage
Tiers: A-Type(3-4 Tiers) , H-Type(3-6 Tiers or duplex multilayer 3+3 Tiers)
Certification: ISO, CE, SONCAP
Size(mm): A-Type: 3-tiers  1840×1900×1580, 4-tiers  1840×2210×1865
H-Type: 3-Tiers 1840×1200×2050, 4-Tiers 1840×1200×2700

Brooding Cage Details

The brooding cages designed and manufactured by AGICO are suitable for raising baby laying hens from 1 day to 110 days old (about 16 weeks). Chick brooding cages, also known as brooder cages, are suitable for chick breeding in open chicken houses, closed chicken houses, and other chicken houses.

Brooding cage systems equipped with automatic feeding, drinking, manure removal, and air control devices are widely used in medium and large-scale layer chicken enterprises. Since the whole chicken feeding period will be controlled by a highly automated automation system, this will allow your chicken farm to obtain the best feeding effect.

Our 10,000+ customer-approved brooding cage systems provide you with durable, safe, rust-resistant brooder cages that provide your chicks with a more comfortable cage.

A-Type Brooding Cage Design and Specifications

A-Type Brooding Cage 1840×1900×1580
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
1840×1900×1580 3 6 10 180
A-Type Brooding Cage 1840×2210×1865
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
1840×2210×1865 4 6 10 240

H-Type Brooder Cage Design and Specifications

H-Type Brooder Cage 4-Tiers 1840×1200×2700
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
1840×1200×2050 3 6 13 234
1840×1200×2700 4 6 13 312
H-Type Brooder Cage 4-Tiers 1300×1250×2850
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
1300×1250×2200 3 2 27 162
1300×1250×2850 4 2 27 216
1300×1250×3500 5 2 27 270
1300×1250×4150 6 2 27 324
1300×1200×2200 Duplex multilayer
2 27 162

Unique Features of Chick Brooding Cage

  • The floor of the brooding cage is made of imported PP material, which is softer and less deformed. The chicks can stand comfortably, thus effectively reducing the occurrence of leg problems.
  • For chicks within one week of age, independent feeding and drinking fountains are placed in each cell of the brooder cage, which can help the chicks eat and drink well. When the chicks are 1 or 2 weeks old and can be fed through the feeding troughs on the side of the brooding cage, the feeders and drinkers in the brooding cage can be removed.
  • Drinking pipes and nipple drinkers in the chick brooding cage can meet the needs of chicks of different ages. As chicks increase in height, the brooding cage drinking system will be height adjusted throughout the chick-rearing process.