Pigeon Breeding Cages

Pigeon Breeding Cages

Customer Satisfaction: ★★★★★
Cumulative Sales: 90,000 Sets
Application: meat pigeon, pet pigeon, bird
Type: H-Type pigeon cage
Tiers:1-4 Tiers
Certification: ISO9001, CE, PVOC
Service life:Cold galvanized 6-10 years
Hot galvanized 15-20 years
PVC coated 15-20 years
Size(mm): 3 Tiers 12 Nests:2000×550×1700
4 Tiers 16 Nests:2000×550×1800

Pigeon Breeding Cages for Sale

In order to meet the needs of users with different pigeon cages, AGICO has designed pigeon cages for various purposes, including meat pigeon cage, pigeon breeding cages, pet pigeon cage, indoor pigeon cage, etc. Among them, pigeon breeding cages and meat pigeon cages are suitable for large-scale poultry farms. The use of specialized pigeon breeding equipment has a high degree of automation and convenient management, which can effectively improve the economic benefits of pigeon breeding.

The pigeon breeding cages produced by AGICO are welded by the cold drawing of low carbon steel. The welding process is all operated by automatic welding robots. The welding depth is uniform and the mesh interface is smooth. The newly designed pigeon breeding cage has more space for pigeons to move around, and the open-type sliding door makes the cage lower in height, which is more convenient for feeding and operation. The interior of the pigeon cage is easy to clean, and each cage is equipped with a manure board, which can effectively prevent infectious diseases and improve the survival rate.

The types of pigeon cages are divided into single-layer pet pigeon cages and 3-4 layers of pigeon breeding cages. According to customer needs, it can be equipped with automatic drinking fountains, feed box, dung trays, pigeon nests, etc. As a professional supplier of poultry cages and livestock cages, AGICO can also provide various chick brooding cages, broiler cages, rabbit cages, quail cages, etc., and can also customize cages according to customer needs. Welcome to consult.

Indoor Pigeon Breeding Cage Design and Specifications

3 Tiers pigeon breeding cage

3 Tiers pigeon breeding cage
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Nests/set Dimension(mm)/nest
2000×5500×1700 3 12 550×500×500

4 Tiers pigeon breeding cage

4 Tiers pigeon breeding cage
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Nests/set Dimension(mm)/nest
2000×5500×1800 4 16 550×500×400

Pet Pigeon Cage Design and Specifications

Pet Pigeon Cage Design and Specifications
Pet Pigeon Cage Specifications
Model Dimension(mm)/set Wire mesh gap(mm) Pigeons/set
35# 350×260×330 30 1-2 squabs
50# 500×350×420 40 1-2 pigeons
60# 600×420×500 40 1-3 pigeons
70# 700×500×600 45 1-5 pigeons
80# With partition 800×380×470 35 1-3 pigeons
85# 850×600×700 55 1-9 pigeons
100# 1000×600×700 60 1-12 pigeons
70# Wire mesh encryption 700×500×600 30 1-5 pigeons
85# Wire mesh encryption 850×600×700 30 1-9 pigeons
100# Wire mesh encryption 1000×600×700 30 1-12 pigeons
130# Wire mesh encryption 1300×600×700 34 12-20 pigeons