Broiler Cage

Broiler Cage System

Customer Satisfaction: ★★★★☆
Cumulative Sales: 200,000 Sets
Application: 1 day old broiler-45 day old broiler(broiler can be sold on the market)
Type: H-Type broiler cage     Tiers: H-Type (3-4 Tiers)
Certification: ISO, CE, PVOC, OHSAS18001
Service life: 15-20 years
Capacity: 3 Tiers, 90 birds one set; 4 Tiers, 120 birds one set
Size(mm): H-Type, 3-tiers 1500×1000×2250
4-tiers 1500×1000×2900

Broiler Cages for Sale

The structure of broiler cage is basically similar to that of layer cage. There is no need to install egg collecting trough device on broiler cage. Broiler cages breeding are an effective way to realize industrialization and intensive production of broilers. Compared with flat-raised broilers, broiler cages adopt high-density breeding, and the number of breeding is increased by 3-4 times. Compared with free-range breeding, it can save 50% or more of land.

Using broiler chicken cages to raise broilers can fundamentally prevent various broiler diseases transmitted through feces. The broiler chickens in the broiler cage have a small range of activities and a high ambient temperature, which can save the area of the chicken house and save the feed. Broiler chickens grow and develop rapidly in broiler chicken cage, and their body size changes greatly, thereby bringing greater economic returns to broiler chicken farming enterprises.

Breeding of broilers without the need for additional chick brooding cages. Broilers live in broiler chicken cage from birth to slaughter. This avoids the damage to the chickens caused by frequent replacement of the chicken cages. For chicks of 1-2 weeks, small feed buckets and drinking kettles suitable for the height of chicks can be placed in the broiler cage. When the chicks grow to a certain stage, they are replaced with the feed trough and automatic drinking water line on one side of the broiler cage.

H-Type Broiler Cage Design and Specifications

Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
1500×1000×2250 3 1 30 90
Dimension(mm)/set Tier Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
1500×1000×2900 4 1 30 120

Unique Features of Broiler Chicken Cage

  • Cascade broiler farming with a unified house temperature regulation system. While saving energy, the fuel cost per chicken can be minimized.
  • Breeding chickens in broiler cages can effectively reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases in chickens. The large-opening broiler chicken cage design can detect sick and weak chickens in time, so that they can be eliminated in time, save the cost of medical expenses, and greatly help control the incidence of broiler chickens.
  • The H-type broiler cage can provide a clean and warm living environment for broilers, making the chickens more robust and growing rapidly. Effectively shorten the feeding cycle of broilers, and broilers with good feeding conditions can be put out before 40 days.

New Automatic Broiler Cage System Configuration

According to the data feedback from customers over the years, the survival rate of broilers raised in broiler chicken cages has increased from 90% to 98%, the conversion rate of feed has been significantly improved, the ratio of feed to meat has dropped by 0.2, and each chicken can save 0.11 USD in the cost of feeding, and the slaughter rate increased by 0.15%. In the application of the broiler cage system in the chicken farm, a new model of healthy breeding, efficient breeding and scientific and technological breeding has been truly realized.

New Automatic Broiler Cage System Configuration
Cage mesh Feeding trough Drinking system pipeline
Steel wire diameter up to 3.5mm
Hot dip galvanizing process
White thickened feeding trough
Thickness up to 3.5mm
White reinforced water pipe
Thickness up to 1.8mm
Cage frame Automatic manure removing system Automatic feeding system
Thickened galvanized sheet frame Hot galvanized sheet head and tail
1.2mm thickened manure cleaning belt
Hot galvanized sheet material
Single hopper capacity up to 350 kg
8 rows of feeding can be carried out simultaneously