Commercial Poultry House Solution

Commercial Poultry Houses for Sale

Commercial Poultry Houses for Sale

AGICO is a professional provider of commercial poultry house solutions. We provide you with scientific poultry house layout design, poultry cages, automated poultry farming equipment, and after-sales service. A series of precise sub-link services will be sold at the best package price. Choose a commercial poultry house solution and you will receive the following services:

Scientific design
  • We have a professional design team with rich experience in poultry farm house layout design and can design scientifically for your poultry house.
types of poultry cages
Automatic poultry farming equipment
  • The installation positions of automatic feeding, drinking water, egg collection, manure cleaning, lighting, air purification, and other devices in the poultry house will also be scientifically and rationally designed and planned.

How to Do Commercial Poultry House Design?

We will provide you with professional commercial poultry house design services. We have successively designed various poultry house solutions up to 10,000+ for customers from different countries and regions. The commercial poultry house design is based on the customer's site area, the number of chickens, chicken breeds, and the environmental climate where the chicken house is located.

Inside of poultry house
Inside of poultry house

Since the cage space required for chickens of different body sizes and weights will be different, and the choice of chicken cages will also be different under low temperature and high-temperature climate conditions, the design of poultry farm house will also be different. Before designing a poultry farm house, you need to provide relevant information about your chickens, and we will combine various factors to tailor a poultry house plan that meets your needs.

  • The area of the poultry house
  • Scale of chicken raising
  • Breed, size and weight of chickens
  • The location and climate of the poultry house
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The Main Steps of Commercial Poultry House Design

Steps of Commercial Poultry House Design
  1. Determine the length, width, and orientation of the poultry house according to the size of the site.
  2. According to the expected chicken raising scale, calculate the size and layers of the chicken cage, and then determine the specific model of the chicken cage.
  3. Determine the number of chicken cages placed in the poultry house, how many rows of chicken cages are in the poultry house, how many chicken cages are arranged in each row, and the distance between each row of chicken cages.
  4. According to the number of layers of the selected poultry house, the height of the poultry house construction can be determined.
  5. Determine the number of automated poultry farming equipment added based on the number of chickens and customer budget.
  6. Combining various factors to output a chicken house solution including specific chicken cage models, automation poultry farming equipment, and chicken house project layout diagrams.
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Why Choose Commercial Poultry House Solutions

Outside of poultry house
Outside of poultry house

If you want an excellent commercial poultry house design, you should choose a professional poultry house design solution provider. AGICO has been galloping on the poultry breeding track for many years and has many years of experience in the research and development and design of poultry equipment.

By choosing a commercial chicken house solution, you will get the overall delivery of the one-stop chicken house project, and you will get more complete poultry house supporting services. At the same time, you will also have powerful equipment monitoring and after-sales service to solve your worries.

All Commercial Poultry House Solution

AGICO Specializes In Various Poultry Farming Cage Equipment
  • We can provide cage equipment for laying hens, broilers, chicks, and breeders;
  • Additionally, we provide breeding cages for other poultry, such as duck cages, quail cages, rabbit cages, goose cages, and more;
  • We provide one-stop solutions for various poultry houses and poultry farms;
  • We can provide various auxiliary equipment required for poultry farming, such as egg collection equipment, drinking water systems, manure cleaning systems, feeders, nipple drinkers, and more.

Please provide us with the necessary information below. The more comprehensive your inquiry, the more accurate the quotation we can offer.

  • For chicken cages, kindly inform us about the type of poultry, their height and weight ranges, the quantity for breeding, and the area of the poultry house.
  • For poultry houses and farms, please provide the estimated area of the site and investment budget information.
  • Regarding auxiliary equipment, please specify the equipment names, required quantities, and the destination for equipment delivery.
  • If you have any drawings or relevant attachments, please feel free to directly send them to