Other Flour Auxiliary Equipments

Storage Silo

Storage silos are mainly used in the storage industry and can be used to store granular, powdered, grain, oil, food, brewing, coal, building materials, etc. In the field of industry and agriculture, urban and rural areas and environmental protection industries have been widely used. The most common are grain storage silo, flour storage silo, wheat storage silo.
grain storage silo

AGICO introduced the latest technology to create a spiral steel grain storage silo, has become the first choice of grain storage. Spiral steel silo has the following product advantages.

Storage Silo Advantages

  • 1. Good sealing performance
    The five layer of spiral edge is very tight, good air tightness, can be used as fumigation warehouse, can also be used for flour and other powder materials. Spiral edge bite mouth embedded sealant, can store liquid materials such as sewage.
  • 2. Small footprint
    Height, diameter can be arbitrarily selected in a larger range. Can make full use of space, reduce the area.
  • 3. Long service life
    The cylinder body is made of hot dip galvanized coil, the top of the storage silo is made of zinc plating process, the corrosion resistance is strong, and the best material ratio is selected in the silo body, and the normal life can reach 20-25 years.
  • 4. Short construction period
    The construction of the spiral bin site, the mechanization degree is high, the construction period is short, can make the warehouse as soon as possible put into use, for the user to create time efficiency.

Wheat Purifier

Wheat purifier is used for purification process of semolina and middling in semolina. A single processing with a wheat purifier can remove chaff, dust, light impurities, bud seeds, mildew grains, worm-eat grains, large impurities and small impurities in crops, and at the same time grade the materials and discharge the seeds of different grades from different outlets.

Wheat purifier

The Features of Wheat Purifier

  • The wheat purifier adopts the advanced double specific gravity structure, which makes the function of purification more concentrated, and the single processing can complete the purification.
  • The wheat purifier is used in a wide range of applications and can purifying and grading a variety of grains.
  • The wheat purifier be used in flour mill plant is highly automated and requires less labor costs.
  • The wheat purifier works with low noise and low dust, which can meet environmental protection requirements and ensure the working environment of flour milling is clean.

Flour Packaging Machine

Flour packaging machine

This flour packaging machine has the functions of flour weighing, flour bagging, packaging and sealing, etc., which can complete the full automatic production of flour packaging. Flour packaging machine is mainly composed of material import, weighing bucket, packaging bag fixing device, pneumatic system, sensors, control box, sealing system and so on.

The packaging machine can be used for grain and powder bagging and packaging of flour, rice, corn, sesame, etc. It is also suitable for quantitative packaging of white sugar, industrial salt, feed pellets, rubber pellets, plastic pellets, etc.