4-tier chicken cage

4 Tier Chicken Cage

Customer Satisfaction: ★★★★★
Cumulative Sales: 180,000 Sets
Application: chicks, layers, broilers, hens
Type: A-Type, H-Type
4 tier chicks cage, 4 tier hen cage, 4 tier broiler chicken cage, 4 tier chicken breeding cage
Certification: SONCAP, PVOC, OHSAS18001, CE
Capacity: 120-312 birds/set
Service life:15-20 years

4 Tier Wire Cages for Chickens

Compared with the 3 tier chicken cage, the 4 tier chicken cage has a larger and higher cage size, a larger feeding area, and a larger number of chickens. The 4 tier chicken cage is more suitable for customers who need large-scale chicken raising. To raise the same number of chickens, the 4 tier layer cage requires less house area, which can effectively save space. But at the same time, the overall height of the chicken cage increases, and the requirements for the roof height of the chicken house will also increase.

Due to the increase in the number of chickens, the chicken house using the four-tier chicken cage will have higher requirements on the chicken house environment. This type of chicken house generally requires closed breeding and is equipped with overall ventilation and an air quality management system to have a comfortable growing environment.

Specifications of 4 Tier Chicken Cage

A-Type 4 tier layer cage
A-Type chicken cage specifications for 4 tier type
Type Dimension(mm)/set Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
A type layer cage 2150×2050×2065 10 4 160
A type brooding cage 1840×2210×1865 6 10 240
H-Type 4 tier layer cage
H-Type 4 tier chicken cage specifications
Type Dimension(mm)/set Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
H type layer cage 1800×1200×2790 8 6 192
H type broiler cage 1500×1000×2900 1 30 120
H type brooding cage 1840×1200×2700 6 13 312
H type laying hen cage 1800×1000×2720 8 5 160

The Benefits of 4 Tier Chicken Cage Farming Model

Economical and suitable for breeding of various chickens

For professional chicken farms, it is more economical to use 4 tier hen cage. Because of its lower cost and higher farming efficiency. In addition to being cost-effective, 4 tier chicken cages are more durable. Due to the use of galvanized wire mesh to make the cage mesh, can effectively prevent corrosion, rust, and other conditions. The average lifespan of four tier multi-layer chicken cages is more than 15-20 years. The 4 tier layer cage has a very wide range of applications, and almost all types of chickens can be raised, such as laying hens, broilers, chicks, etc.

4-tier chicken cage system

The 4 tier chicken cage has a larger breeding volume

The 4 tier chicken cage has a large breeding space and can accommodate more chickens in a limited space. Taking the A-type chicken cage as an example, each group of three-tier chicken cages can accommodate 90 chickens, while the four-tier chicken cage can accommodate 120 chickens. This means that a four-tier chicken cage can help you save more construction costs and maximize space than a three-tier chicken cage.

Low labor cost

The 4 tier chicken cage reduces the labor intensity of the staff. Because the chickens are well managed and have dedicated feeding and watering systems. All of this is done by machine automation, which effectively reduces the pressure on staff, thereby reducing labor costs. In the long run, the profitability of farmers will also increase accordingly.

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