3 tier chicken cage

3 Tier Poultry Cages

Customer Satisfaction: ★★★★★
Cumulative Sales: 200,000 Sets
Application: chicks, layers, broilers, breeders
Type: A-Type 3 tier poultry cage, H-Type 3 tier cage
3 tier brooding cage, 3 tier layer cages, 3 tier broiler cage, 3 tier breeding cage
Certification: ISO9001, CE, PVOC, OHSAS18001
Capacity: 90-234 birds/set
Service life:15-20 years

Application of 3 Tier Chicken Cage

3 tier chicken cage, also known as a 3 tier poultry cage, refers to the chicken cage equipment with three tiers. We all know that the battery chicken cage has 3-8 tiers to choose from, and can even support the use of multiple tiers stacking. As a basic style of chicken cage, three-layer chicken cage is the best selling and most widely used poultry cage.

The feeding amount of 3 tiers chicken cage is less than that of 4 tiers chicken cage, and the feeding amount of each group is between 90-234 birds. It is very suitable for farmers who are just starting out in the chicken industry and is commonly used in small and medium-sized chicken farms.

Application of 3 Tier Chicken Cage

For fully automatic and semi-automatic breeding equipment, 3 tier chicken cages are both applicable.

The three tier cage can be used in a fully enclosed chicken house, as well as an open chicken house or chicken shed. For chicken houses with a low degree of automation, the advantages of 3 tier cages are more obvious.

The 3 tier chicken cage is more convenient to collect eggs manually.

The height of the 3 tier chicken cage matches the height of the person better, and it is more convenient to collect eggs manually.

The 3 tiers chicken cage has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

The 3 tiers chicken cage is well ventilated and has a large illumination area, which can be used in conjunction with various automated chicken raising equipment.

Types of 3 Tier Chicken Cage for Sale

A-Type 3 tier poultry cage
A-Type 3 tier chicken cage specifications
Type Dimension(mm)/set Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
A type layer cage 2150×1870×1550 10 4 120
A type brooding cage 1840×1900×1580 6 10 180
H-Type 3 tier cage
H-Type 3 tier chicken cage specifications
Type Dimension(mm)/set Door/tier Bird/door Bird/set
H type layer cage 1800×1200×2140 8 6 144
H type broiler cage 1500×1000×2250 1 30 90
H type brooding cage 1840×1200×2050 6 13 234
H type breeding cage 2400×1250×3230 2 5 roosters & 45 hens 150

3 Tier Chicken Cage, Better Chicken Raising Mode

Helping chickens grow healthier

The use of the 3 tiers chicken cage chicken breeding model can help the chickens maintain a healthy state and can promote their reproduction. The design of a high-quality multi-layer chicken cage is different from an ordinary wire cage. The three-layer chicken cage adopts galvanized cage mesh floor, which can make the manure fall on the manure removal belt under the chicken cage, so that the chicken manure can be taken out of the chicken house in time. Thereby minimizing the risk of fecal-borne diseases.

Effectively increase egg production

Since the 3 tier layer cages are raised in a cascading mode, they have a higher egg production capacity than chickens living in other unhealthy environments. According to relevant statistics, about 60% of eggs used in mayonnaise, protein powder, cakes and other products come from caged laying hens.

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