2TPH Medicine Residue Pellet Plant in Jilin

The Details of Medicine Residue Pellet Plant Project

This project is 2TPH medicine residue pellet plant. It is a waste medicine residue processing line designed for Jilin Tonghua Revised Pharmaceutical Industry. Jilin Tonghua Revised Pharmaceutical Industry is a well-known pharmaceutical company in China. In the process of drug production, a lot of residue will be produced. The disposal of waste medicine residue has always been a major problem for enterprises. If the medicine residue is discarded directly, it will cause environmental pollution, but it is not very useful to do other treatment. So, can we use pellet making machine to make waste medicine residue into pellet fuel?

Medicine Residue Pellet

Medicine residue, medicine residue pellets and medicine residue pellet fuel

Medicine residue is also a kind of biomass, so using waste medicine residue making pellet fuel is a good thing that is both environmentally friendly and economically beneficial. It is a good way to choose biomass pellet production line to process waste medicine residue. As pellet fuel, medicine residue is a new raw material for biomass fuel industry. When the customers came to our pellet mill factory for investigation, they put forward their own requirements for the medicine residue pellet plant. After many discussions and machine tests, we have developed a suitable mould for the production of medicine residue pellets fuel. Medicine residue pellet plant equipped with the latest mould has made high density and beautiful appearance of medicine residue pellets. It has successfully turned waste drug residue into pellet fuel.

Pellet Making Equipment in the Medicine Residue Pellet Production Line

  • Raw Material: medicine residue
  • Production Range: 1-2 TPH
  • Processing Equipment: multi-functional hammer mill, ring die pellet mill, biomass dryer, dust removal equipment, conveying equipment.
Medicine Residue Pellet Production Line
2TPH Medicine Residue Pellet Plant in Jilin
2TPH medicine residue pellet plant

This set of medicine residue pellet production line can produce 1-2tons per hour. The main equipment of the biomass pellet plant consists of a multi-functional hammer mill, two ring die pellet mill with a capacity of 1 TPH, a biomass dryer, dust removal equipment conveying equipment and other auxiliary equipment. The automatic connection between pellet equipment is adopted, and the operation is simple. In the normal production process, only one worker can complete the control of the medicine residue pellet plant.