Solvent Evaporator

Solvent Evaporation Equipment

Solvent evaporator is a very important solvent evaporation equipment in the solvent extraction process. The evaporation of mixed oil is characterized by the fact that the oil is not volatile, and the boiling point of the solvent is low. A process in which the concentration of the grease in the mixed oil is greatly increased by heating the majority of the solvent, and most of the solvent is boiled.

In the selection of solvent evaporation equipment, the oil plant is often used in the long tube evaporator (also known as the rising film evaporator). The utility model is characterized in that the heating pipeline is long, and the mixed oil is heated from the lower part into the heating pipe after being preheated, and then a plurality of vapor bubbles is generated and rapidly rising. The mixed oil is also driven by the rising vapor and pulled into a layer of liquid film along the tube wall, and the solvent continues to evaporate during this process. The heat transfer efficiency is high due to the heat transfer in the film state.
solvent evaporator

The Characteristics Of Solvent Evaporator

  • Evaporation of water up to 0.5t/h ~ 100t/h.
  • When the system is running normally, solvent evaporator only use electricity, the energy consumption per ton of water is 15KW.h to 100KW.h, and the operating cost is 1/8~1/2.
  • Rising film evaporator is the most energy-efficient evaporator, mostly single-effect evaporation, the heating temperature difference is small, short residence time, suitable for heat-sensitive materials.
  • Compact structure, small footprint.
  • Equipment through the PLC control to achieve automatic operation, long-term stable operation.