Packing Machine

Pellet Packing Machine

automatic packing system

Automatic pellet packing machine is suitable for the packaging of small and medium scale pellet mill plant production line packing process. The pellet packing machine includes automatic weighing, particle bagging, bag pushing, transport and sealing. With the development of pellet production line, automatic pellet packing machine is widely used, which can achieve high efficiency and low cost. If wood pellets made by pellet mill after cooling don't go to the burning process directly, bagging is needed to avoid wood pellets from affecting damp. The packing process is necessary.

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In this process, we assemble automatic pellet packing machine to you. AGICO production of pellet packaging machine with superior performance, equipment stability, long service life, is the best choice for your pellet production line packaging machine automation.

Pellet Packing Machine Features

  • The special aseismic device of pellet packing machine can guarantee precise calculation, fast speed and stable working even in bad conditions. It can be adjusted easily, very convenient to maintain.
  • The important parts of pellet packing machine with longer life and high anti-jamming ability.
  • The quantitative capacity can be adjusted freely in its range.
  • It is widely used in packing of pellets and other powder materials in biomass pellet plant.