Oil Winterization Dewaxing And Defat

Oil Winterization Dewaxing And Defat

Oil winterization dewaxing and defat is under stirring slowly, in a certain period of time oil will cooled to around 4-6 ℃, the wax crystallization and solid fat form a larger, separation and precipitation, filtering, and then separate make the liquid oil separated with the waxy and fat. By winterization dewaxing oil at 0 ℃ after 5.5 hours also won't not cloudy, still can keep the oil in the refrigerator of transparency and liquidity, improves the vegetable oil and animal oil (animal fat) quality and appearance.

oil winterization dewaxing and defat

AGICO company is committed to oil dewaxing defat production line design and manufacturing, our company research and development with new technology of oil dewaxing. New oil dewaxing plant use computer full automatic control, advanced technology and stable product quality.

  • Main specifications: 50-50000 T/D
  • Suitable for refining sunflower oil, rice bran oil, corn oil, tea seed oil, etc.
  • Main equipment of oil dewaxing production line: crystallization tank, water cooled screw chiller, filter press, etc.

AGICO design and production of oil dewaxing production line has the following features:

  • Don't need to add any filter aid, products are natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to filter, high yield of finished oil products.
  • By-product edible wax (fat) pure, without filter aid, can be directly used for the production of edible wax, no environmental pollution.
  • A high degree of automation, suitable for large-scale industrial production.

AGICO can provide you with the oil dewaxing degreasing line design, manufacture, installation, debugging and after-sales service. Contact us now!