Oil Seed Extractor

Oil Seed Extractor

The oil seed extractor is the main oil mill machinery in the solvent extraction process. There are a variety of main equipments such as rotary extractor and loop type extractor.

Rotary Extractor

The rotary extractor is a kind of oil seed extractor. It is a continuous extraction device that rotates horizontally. The raw material remains stationary throughout the extraction process. The material is thicker and the solvent is contact with the raw material by the way of spraying and soaking. Rotary extractor which is mainly composed of extraction chamber, solvent chamber, movable material door, closed shell, chain transmission box, spray pipe and other parts.

AGICO is committed to many years of research, through the constant test to find out a new oil extractor which can overcome the blanking uneven, the difficulty of transportation and installation of the shortcomings.
rotary extractor

AGICO's new rotary extractor equipment has the following advantages:

  • Reliable operation, good leaching effect (especially low oil content);
  • The dynamic consumption of the oil seed extractor is small;
  • High concentration of mixed liquid, less meal powder.

Loop Type Extractor

There is a kind of oil extractor that along the upper and lower annular rotating continuous extraction device. We call it loop type extractor. In the extraction process of raw materials are constantly turning, material layer is thinner, solvent and raw material contact main with spray. The loop type extractor is mainly composed of upper leaching section, lower infiltration section, drain section and so on.

AGICO manufacturing loop type extractor can not only deal with the rotary extractor can extract the raw material, and the permeability of raw materials in general can also adapt to.
loop type extractor

AGICO new loop type extractor has the following advantages:

  • Leaching effect is good, material layer is thin, and can be turned on raw materials;
  • Equipment manufacturing, installation, transportation is very convenient;
  • Equipment layout is easy;
  • Discharge uniformity.